How I gained clarity

Last Update: December 08, 2017

When we don't have something important to care about and don't have real problems to solve, we make up drama.
Or maybe you choose to stay small.
Or choose to stay in a toxic environment.
Or watch dramas on television.
It's a way to not living fully.

I used to look people who have a passion enviously.
I wished I had one thing that fueled me. Something I can live for.
So I looked outside. Instead of searching inward.
I took jobs with prestigious companies and hid behind the fancy job titles.

To everyone, I looked like a success...
Only if they knew how empty I felt inside.
For a decade, I stayed in unfulfilling jobs and toxic relationships.

It was only when I began to take actions toward creating something meaningful. That emptiness began to fade. I didn't know exactly where I was going, but as I took a baby step, I gained clarity.


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AfqmBiz Premium
Having climbed up the financial banking ladder myself (even until now I got no idea how I managed all of these) that span out in 13 years time, include last terrific offer to lead the line of revolving credits recollection job, of which I have to refuse at the 11th hour, whatever you put here in your post, I can say I have the same feeling and unfulfillment inside.

I live the life with my unorthodox self-styled rocker. In the nasty corporate world, they judge me by the style I have although I can say I am better equipped than other orthodox pretenders with superb expression but knowledgeable they not.

The collapse is immense as the ticking bomb set by "mindless people" taking me down heavily. To be in such situation when I am at the stage of life start building my own family is painful. I don't mind if those hit me when I was still a bachelor.

The misunderstood mind is all I am getting from misled people that after my strong ongoing recovery from that terrible illness, now I am gaining my own clarity by my own work through my own 100% effort.

Thanks for this heartfelt post about clarity and I fully believe we deserved to gained our own clarity by all means.
Mihoko Premium
Thank you for sharing your story. Love it!