"Don't fall in love with a distraction."

Last Update: December 12, 2017

"Don't fall in love with a distraction."

Our culture is about easy money, distraction, and numbing oneself.

My friend daily texts me about bitcoin prices. This morning, I finally said "STOP."
There are so many opportunities. I am extremely wary of easy money. And I do not invest in something I don't understand.

I asked my friend to stop because I'm focused on building my business. I want to make money by creating something that helps others. Not living my life gambling on things I don't understand.

"Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered"
I'm an investor, not gambler.

When I invested in Wealthy Affiliate, I saw this as opportunity to learn and building something meaningful that will produce lasting income as long as what I create helpful contents daily.

I'm proud to say that since I signed up, I have launched my site and I have been writing everyday. Today, I posted my first product review. (YEY!)

We can do this! See you at the top!

P.S. I also appreciate great support I have received from the WA community. THANK YOU.

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imthedamo Premium
Agreed I have pretty much shut myself off in my home office as well. I am lucky my kids are grown I am no longer married and I can focus but what I had to do was cut off all the other niches I was pursuing, sites and social media I was building and focus on WA, my one Bootcamp site and that's it for now. As well as participating in this community. That is what it is going to take for me.