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"Don't fall in love with a distraction."Our culture is about easy money, distraction, and numbing oneself.My friend daily texts me about bitcoin prices. This morning, I finally said "STOP."There are so many opportunities. I am extremely wary of easy money. And I do not invest in something I don't understand.I asked my friend to stop because I'm focused on building my business. I want to make money by creating something that helps others. Not living my life gambling on things I don't understand.
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December 08, 2017
When we don't have something important to care about and don't have real problems to solve, we make up drama. Or maybe you choose to stay small. Or choose to stay in a toxic environment. Or watch dramas on television.It's a way to not living fully.I used to look people who have a passion enviously.I wished I had one thing that fueled me. Something I can live for. So I looked outside. Instead of searching inward.I took jobs with prestigious companies and hid behind the fancy job titles.To every