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Last Update: April 27, 2016

Back in January I brought a domain name. I didn't knew what to do with it. I struggle. My results were poor. Then some book fell onto my hands and, inspired by it, I started searching. I knew that internet marketing was what I was looking for. But I didn't knew how to make things work. That of course was my fault. I was not a computer enthusiast. I wasn't even drawn to the smart phone. It was dificult for me to understand what knowleageable people took the chance to explain me. You know, computers are an intricated language. So, the idea of my webpage was slipping fast upon my hands. Other marketing groups bill $60-entry fee. I took my chance and after reading Mike's Lambert blog and the benefit of having a FREE chance to look upon what was all about...Wealthy Affiliate was part of my life.

The video tutorials were amazing. When I ended up my firsts couple of lessons my web page look much better than the one I spent a month already. It was organize the way I dream it would. The emphasis of the KEEPM IT SIMPLE STUPID, was very important. I don't put so much emphasis in finding a breath taking layout, or fonts, or whatever. The emphasis was in creating content focused on a specific niche. The niche thing for me was a TABOO. Never heard of it. Eye popping information uh! The thing is, I still have to work a lot and Im ansious to have the opportunity to sit down, just like now, and create my future like this.

My page is getting great,slowly but getting there. Real proud of it. I find away to blend my passion with what I suppose will be the begging of great stuff.

In 6 months I see myself finding another niche, and create another site, right here in WA.

I like to thank Mike Lambert for his support and his advice. Thanks WA.

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MikeLambert Premium
Thank you Miguel you are a great student if I dare to call you that, I must say you have the start of an amazing website, really cool! I will send you a PM I have a few ideas I think will just add t what is a great website already.
You have some really great stuff happening on your website and some very well written and interesting material, not just saying that I am really impressed.
The nice thing is you stuck to a game plan I can't hammer home the fact that members should focus on the building stage and keep it simple and anyone that looks at your website which I think they should will see that simple doesn't mean drab or cheap looking what does happen when you keep it simple which you have shown us is that it comes off looking clean, uncluttered and very professional.
One other issue you have avoided by keeping it simple and not complicating things with multiple plugins is when your theme updates you won't have plugins getting messed up with updates to your theme and you won't have multiple plugins working against each other which does happen in many cases. I will flip you a message great work Mike, talk soon Mike.
MiguelF Premium
yakitori Premium
Good job! Looking good so far. Try to complete the course from front to back as it'll help you build a successful website. There's so many resources here it's mind blowing. The community is great too so don't be shy to ask questions if you get stuck.
Wish you success!