Email notifications not being received?

Email notifications not being received?

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WA Affiliate Program

Checking through my emails the past couple of days and I see no notifications... I am wondering what has happened.. No blog dogs, no motivationals, no new trainings, Nada.


Hope you got it sorted out, Michael

Yeah, it is ok again now Roger, thanks.

You might go back and check you email preference settings, Michael!


I am receiving a few in the inbox now JB, a couple in the spam folder too... most unusual.
It will all come out in the wash I guess.

I hope so, Michael! That has happened to me before too, then it started working again!


You should've answered yes to the first question about your website lol

Hey Mick, I also noticed that I am not receiving as many email alerts as before.

How to contact site support:

As Joe said, Answer yes when asked if this is about your website.
THEN, Select 'website not listed'
Then select 'other'
Then type your question into the subject header and write out your message.

That will get you to site support.

In the meantime, have you received any email notifications now?


Still nothing Rudy,
I have gone to the link Abie posted and see how that goes.

I didn't want to be dishonest Joe. lol. Besides it is more fun this way.

Funny, after simply checking that link, the email alerts are flooding in...grin.


Is this in relation to WA notifications

And if so this sometimes happen

Just redo them and you'd be fine.

That was a great link. I checked mine, yet all are checked, still not receiving as many as before.

Abie to the rescue...
Done that Abie Lets see what happens.
Thank you.

Just found a couple in my spam mail Abie.

Hope you get it resolved.

And so very welcome.

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A question on headings and seo ?

A question on headings and seo ?

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Authoring & Writing Content

In a discussion with another person about H2 and H3 headings,
The H1 for the title is the default WordPress setting.
I do a H2 heading for the first paragraph, then just

i tend to use h2 as major headings with h3 as headings if i need to split up the h2 sections so
this shows in the table of contents that hte h3's are sub sections of the h2....

but for google it doesn't matter is all about user experience...
google is happy for you to use multiple h1's....
but make sure your visitors can see easily what is going on in the article...

good luck

Thanks Phil,
I can understand your system, like book form, with the H2 announcing the chapter then the H3's as subsections of the chapter.
Your ending comment makes sense too.

I use a mixture of H2 and 3 throughout my posts.

Thanks Geoffrey,
Much the same as Phil does I am guessing?.

I'm with you Michael
If you use your format and put it in a table of contents, you should see it flowing nicely

Otherwise it is all over the place and quite confusing as well

Thanks Simone,
In my table of contents I have H4,5 and 6 set as content not headings.
The H4 will still appear in the table of contents but in such a way that it cannot be mistaken to be anything else other than a subsection.
I don't think I have ever used H5 or 6.
Stay frosty


Hello Michael,

I always follow the first one
with my content and it blends
well with the paragraphs.

Thank you.


I am of the same opinion Elizabeth..

You're welcome
and thank you too.



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