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October 17, 2019
This is my hat, well it's actually a photo of a variation, mine was a sand color. If the saying "All hat no cattle" springs to mind, your right I don't own any cattle. No horses either. Gave 'em up years back.Hats are good, shade from the sun if gardening, mowing the lawn, fishing, even working! .Going outside, the hat goes with you. So when I go to the Caribbean I take my Akubra. One evening, Magalias had organized a party at her place near Barranquilla, where a few of us would have a bit
October 06, 2019
I have been right into this in the past week. Building up my blog posts and getting into the training which I started nearly 12 months ago. At this point in time I am about where I should have been after 3 months on here. 42 posts now so I feel like I am begining to get some traction. Now to get back into the bootcamp training, Months back I got to the make a video section and the enterpenur certification. But getting more confident I can create something on video. Great when you
October 04, 2019
Last week I was still in travel mode. Back from South America and stopped at a mates place for a couple of day's, even helped pour a bit of concrete, sort of get my bones moving after struggling with boredom sitting in aeroplanes and wandering around airports waiting for flights. Time to get back to my place and so into my car for a 800klm (thereabouts) trip home. Once I would have tried to break records 800ks, 8 hrs,maybe less. What speed would I have to average to maintain 100ks and hour con
September 30, 2019
Back from about 4 weeks in Colombia. Many people seem horrified as to why I would go to such a place. To be honest, I never once felt unsafe, I found the people friendly, even some street vendors from Venezuela who were living pretty rough.It seems I will always be up with the birds no matter where I am, it was no different in Colombia. Out of my hostel room in Santa Marta, early one morning and out onto the patio, I was greeted by 4 scruffy looking youngsters, maybe about 18 -20 yrs. Looking a
June 29, 2019
Moving through the course slowly. frustrating at times because of my time constraints. Saturday night, quietly working through some lessons and now have 31 posts on my site. Averaging one a week, trying to be satisfied with that.
May 19, 2019
A pretty good weekend for me. A post finished last night and indexed this morning. To celebrate I did another one today.I have tomorrow off and another post planned. Sooner or later the bells will ring, hopefully sooner. Hope everyone is doing okay.
May 18, 2019
How good is this?This old Tortise just received a dedication badge.. Just finished another post today as well. slowly but surely the bells will begin to ring.Michael.
May 12, 2019
Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have learnt some interesting things. I have 2 universal twins. Probably there are more but I am not active in accumulating followers. In Bootcamp I have been doing the best I can with the time I have, and last weekend after finishing a post, I went to a friends shop down the road.for a coffee. Chatting with a couple of regulars, and when asked what I had been doing, told them I had just finished another blog post. One of them got the phone out and did a search
April 20, 2019
Another post done on my blog. The first one for about 3 weeks.Hopefully it gets indexed quickly. Over the Xmas break I felt I was just getting into the rhythm of writing fluently after about 4 or 5 1000+ word posts. Yesterday's effort was done in about 3 or 4 hours for 1260 words. I am not sure it flows as well as it should. But happy I have it out there. you can see it hereI read a lot of the posts put up by those I follow or follow me, and I do a mental critique, some are laser focused, some
With one problem after another on our current project I just haven't had time to do much with W A for a few weeks, until today. Up early washing in, time sheets for the crew, (14 of them), vacuum my cottage, breakfast, Washing out, more in, more cleaning. 11.00 am chores done. (except yesterdays work reports). Time to do a blog post on Jaaxy. Get my head around what I intend to write, try and keep the work dramas to one side, and just concentrate. 12.30 , lots of re editing and only 356 words