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February 03, 2020
Hi my WA followers. Hope you are all doing well after the NFL game. I have a favor to ask. If you could reach out and welcome a new member to WA. I am sure your encouragement will be appreciated. She hasn't posted a photo yet. you,Michael.
The Brutality of Tennis is Akin to a Blood SportI have been spoilt with sport these past couple of weeks. Cricket and now the Australian Open. The years first grand slam on the tennis calenderTennis, like boxing is uno un uno. Superstars who are expected to win easily, leave the stadium mentally and physically broken, after being run mercilessly around the court for about 4 hours by someone who normally plays 2 tiers below this level of tennis. The enjoyment on the unknowns face as they send wi
January 15, 2020
Surprised today, that there were very few WA messages in my inbox. Then it occured to me that the holiday season has finished for most people, and many are back toiling at the grinstone.Other emails of interest were from Pinterest. I am not as active as I would like to be on Pinterest. With 63 pins saved from 4 boards yesterday. that was not too shabby I thought. Surprising how long some pins last. Some of those saved from my boards were over 3 years old. I get a lot of traffic from Pinteres
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have some peace in my life. I get emotional at times, frustrated, even angry. At work I am known as the guy who always keeps his cool. (most of the time).But really that is all a front to get what I want.Today was a day, where I think that all that is going on around me, makes everything I do so very insignifigant. A friend called early this morning. He told me fibbsy had died. Another one, I thought. F**k.But reality was, I knew fibbsy was never going to be a
January 05, 2020
In so many blog posts offering help in finding niches, the one line that keeps appearing is " Go with what your passionate about". To be honest I am not that passionate about anything.I have, nearly all my working life worked as a builder, putting blots on the landscape in one form or another. Am I passionate about it. Nope. I have worked with plenty of interesting characters and some awful clients, if I were to be asked "would I do again?", my answer would probably be "No". I have built kayaks
Australians don't celebrate halloween or thanksgiving, they are just not on our calendar or embedded in our cultural history. Our media may play it up a little, but for most of us it is something that happens somewhere else. Still, at this time of year we know it is a time of giving. Generally Aussies are a pretty generous bunch. A dollar or 5, here and there, last night for example Wikipedia asked for donations, so, I use it, why not?. and I put a few bucks in for them.Probably like many of y
November 29, 2019
As we move closer towards a New Year, I felt it was time to make preparations (not resolutions), for what I will be doing next year.I have a new website in the freestyle architecture domain. Need to set it up. Hopefully have some content in before the new year. A few more posts and tidy up the SEO on bare foot affiliate then step back from it a bit. I must have done something right. For weeks this post floated between 2 and 7 on Googles first page, it fell off yesterday. Probably among the hard
November 18, 2019
Australia, todayA report today has revealed that I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a year. 12 whole months. 365 days. 8760 hours.Next year we will have 8784 hours. 😜Not sure what I can do with this information. Looking back it was a pretty hectic year, with a couple of brief respites. So onto a new year. I will march forward. Or try to. Maybe I will march forward sideways.To my small band of followers I hope I have offered some advice worth noting, or some story that made
October 27, 2019
Under 200 in the rankings. Took time for me to get there, It was arrived at organically. I just plod along at my own pace, get done what I can, when I could. It is good to have, but it is guaranteed to fluctuate. I only have a small network, I let it build organically for the most part. Lots of diamonds among those I follow, sponges who like to soak up information and share experiences or tips, and training (something I should start doing, I am sure I have some knowledge worth sharing).I hope y
October 24, 2019
A mixed week so far. Email from a visitor wanting to buy jewelery from a link on one of my reviews, but the links are no longer opening. Emails I sent to the owners are going unanswered, I advise Rakuten and they now have this manufacturer on the hold list.So, I trashed my review page, and still I get these notices, I guess there are still searchs happening. It was usually between 3 and 8 in googles search results.But, it Started Something I was looking through my older pages and thought they