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February 08, 2021
Some people find it hard to write simple phrases using simple words. Others find it easy to do, mainly because of their work, where communication (oops), I mean speaking with, or to fellow workmates. You are cutting to the chase and speaking in a way that is easily understood. Still not everyone who talks plainly in the lunch room, writes as if they are having a conversation in the lunch room. The second they open a blank page a different attitude takes over and it is like they are in the class
January 27, 2021
Hi Waer's,Quite a few post recently from people asking what more they can do to improve their rankings / get more eyes on their content and ( again), SEO plugins.My view on SEO plugins is if it ain't broke leave it alone. If you have a mature site, changing your SEO plugin is probably not going to do much for you. In fact it might do the opposite. IMHO.I saw a lot of drama about 18months ago when a lot of people went from AIO to Yoast. These days it is Rank Math. A good plugin for sure, light,
Hi everyone,Hope this finds you all well and making good progress towards your ultimate outcomes. .As the end of the year draws to a close there are a few posts about ramping up your output to meet your end of year goals. Another post about bringing your A-game to reach your goals, and others about putting in the work to writing good blog posts and others offering encouragement. While all this is good, and we should not lose sight of our goals, I don't think we need to be so focused that we ign
December 04, 2020
Hello Waer's I hope all is well in your world, where ever that may be. The past few weeks have been a little challenging, Hurricanes, floods, storms, but it all seems settled this past week and a bit. One email I received yesterday in my spam folder nearly never survived the delete button. As you can see it is an e-mail asking to exchange links. I don't mind these as it improves my SEO The person who sent me this is obviously determined to have a successful site, and I want one too. The other
November 19, 2020
Hello WAers, Hope you are all well and keeping an eye on what flows into your inboxes. I just looked in one of mine and there was an email from someone who had filled out one of my subscription forms. Problem was It was more indepth, so I opened it and as you can see in the screen shot it is someone requesting I pay them some money. They have hidden the address by using the Bitly link shortner. The other problem for him is I am pretty sure most of us know where we have our domains registered. T
November 15, 2020
A few weeks back Jay said in one of his trainings that he no longer adds meta tags because he thinks they are redundant. At the time I agreed, as I had not been adding tags to my posts for quite awhile. My reasoning was Google or Bing might think I was "Keyword Stuffing". I found out later that Google and other search engines had stopped crawling the keywords meta tag.For ages I have been a subscriber to ASR (Active Search Results. it is free). Today's post in ASR made me think again. Bing and
November 02, 2020
Wondering what everyone thinks of the new look and feel of the WA home page.I was replying to a couple of blog posts and sort of got caught by surprise, I was receiving offers to subscribe to training modules some going back to 2007... I might have signed up for that one too... One and then another, and another... The death of one site with its life flashing across my screen After a few goes setting a new password, things have settled down and I think it is Ok... But I have yet to try all the b
October 30, 2020
Normally the last week of October, the first week of November are two weeks that have important traditional celebrations. In my Australia it is a 2 mile horse race called the Melbourne Cup held on the first tuesday in November.In Colombia the Medellin Flower Festival, normally held in August will be held this weekend. In its 60 year history it would have been a shame to not have it this year, considering it has continued to be held during some of Colombia's darkest day's. So a few months late,
October 28, 2020
All of us at Wealthy Affiliate essentially have Google as a partner. Anyone who has tried to submit a new URL to the Google Search Console in the past week or so, will have gotten the "sorry we are recuperating," and will be back in a few weeks bigger, better and brighter than ever. Not sure about the brighter bit, but like Bing which came back with a totally new platform to submit URL's too, then it is safe to assume that Goggle will be back with something even more impressive. As is it's s
Just renewed for another 12 months. I have ideas to put into action starting hopefully, later today.I still need to finish bootcamp. And try to dodge the distractions of everyday life. Like beer with the neighbours, and silly discussions like starting a building company. Here's to another wonderful challenging 13 months at Wealthy Affiliate.Michael.