Outside In and Downside Up

Last Update: Apr 1, 2021

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If Covid wasn't enough, and now with the worlds monetry systems undergoing a reset as part of the 4th Industrial revolution, along many other changes to the way we work and live, we can now honestly say the world has turned upside down.

For the next 500 years Australia will be referred to as ‘Up Top’ instead of ‘Down Under’ due to a switch of the Earth’s north and south poles at the end of the 500-year Sloof Lirpa cycle. Discovered by Norwegian astrophysicist Sloof Rupert Lirpa in 1850, this happens once every 500 years and causes the poles to switch and puts the southern hemisphere on top.

Full story at https://weatherzone.app.link/TxueSVtf5ebSatellite image from RAMMB/CIRA

Recent Comments


Interesting, Michael! I was not aware of this! The money reset is simply a tool of the NWO to eliminate the need for the lower class! I could go on and on--this will not be helpful to the bulk of the world's population since the elites look down on everyone else as pure riff-raff! Unless this is April Fool's Day!

The accountant coming out in you JB. Check the way the water is flowing into your drain, if it is going clockwise then your hemisphere has changed otherwise yes, it is April the first.
Enjoy the day JB.

😂😂 Very well done, Michael!


Brilliant. But I suspect the flat earth society may not agree :-)

Yes, they have some catching up to do Michael.

Have a good April fool's day!

Enjoy your day too Geoffrey

Does this have something with today being April All Fools Day?

Oh ye of little faith Hugh... I will check the calendar


I am a Doubting Thomas lol

Business as usual then, it will however take a bit to shift the mindset.

It will Alex. Thanks for dropping in.

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