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Last Update: Aug 16, 2021

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Writers block is a regular theme in these pages. Here are a few tips that might help those who struggle with content ideas.

Much like a stand up comedian, it is the opening lines that are going to make you or break you. Luckily though, unlike a stand up comedian, if we put up a dud blog post, we are not ruining the paying customers evening

Particulary the guy in the audience, who wanted his new date to have a really good time and to continue having a good time afterwards at his place

One I like is Inbounds Title Generator. I think we all realise that we have maybe 10 seconds to catch a readers attention. A good headline takes care of the first couple of seconds.

The headline is only part of the mission though. The first paragraph also needs to be captivating enough for our reader to continue reading.

Some I know on here often get stuck on the headline, and will do the content first and then try to match a headline to the content. I am guilty of that, it does work though. Actually, it sometimes seems easier !

A good place for content ideas is Portents Content Ideas. It is one of many tools online where one word is enough to get the writing juices flowing

Hubspot I think has been mentioned in these pages previously, is also a good place to generate some content ideas.

Another idea is Google trends or social media. These are all good places to find out what people are talking about in your niche.


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Hi Michael, thank you for the great information. Going over there to check out two (Content Ideas and Hubspot) that I didn't know about.

I have used Google Trends and not only did I find useful ideas but there is a bit of useful market research that goes along with it.

Great post.
Candy Benn

No worries Candy,
Sometimes we just run out of ammunition and need to re-load..
Very true what you say about Google trends Candy.
Stay frosty,

Hello Mick. Once every now and then, I come across an incredibly helpful blog that adds real value to WA members here. This is one of them, short and to the point, less is more sometimes and this is a great example that adds so much value to us all. Thanks Mick.

This blog was great. I have saved the blog and will be returning! I love the Title Generator site, that was totally new to me. Ditto Portent! I checked out Hubspot too and it produced some awesome suggestions for my page. Brilliant thank you.

Have a great day.


Hi Trevor,
Thank you for the compliment.
I hope every thing is going well for you down there.
Just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you for awhile on these pages.


A lot of information here.
Quick Questions:
Is inbounds pro retired and no longer supported?

Hi George,
Inbound pro has been retired and is no longer supported.
It had affiliate membership too.
However, the headline title idea still generates ideas.


Thank you.

Sometimes, when I struggle with writing to the title, I find that the title appears after writing the content!
I enjoy using prompts for writing when stuck in the middle of writing.

True Rudy,
You already have the content you need to wrap around the keyword in the headline.

When dealing with writers block, using prompts helps to wake up the creative flow by opening a new avenue. Keywords help with titles, yet, sometimes the title doesn't work once you've started on a path of discovery while writing. Be willing to find a new title.

Awesome Michael. Heard about title generator but not the others.
Thank you for sharing

Your welcome Simone.

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