Google, Bing and SEO.

Last Update: January 28, 2021

Hi Waer's,

Quite a few post recently from people asking what more they can do to improve their rankings / get more eyes on their content and ( again), SEO plugins.

My view on SEO plugins is if it ain't broke leave it alone. If you have a mature site, changing your SEO plugin is probably not going to do much for you. In fact it might do the opposite.


I saw a lot of drama about 18months ago when a lot of people went from AIO to Yoast. These days it is Rank Math.

A good plugin for sure, light, and lots of bells and whistles. I actually have the pro version on one web site. I have AIO ( the free version), on another site.

I believe AIO to be a very good SEO plugin ( I have not seen many bad reviews, apart from the cost, or experienced problems with it,). I have not had a chance to review Jays Video on the "New" AIO. but will do soon, it should interesting.

Google and Google Analytics...

Is a subject often put up here in the blog. There is also Bing. Bing underwent a months long "revamp" last year. No doubt when you submit your URLs to bing now you will see this line... "You can automate URL submission by using ourSubmission API and stay updated on Bing! ".

Fair enough it is still in the pilot stage for content submission, but why not click on the submission link and learn about it.

Become your own webmaster.

At the top right of that page you will see a green "Start Here" button. Click on it. you will have two options come up.

Update your robots text file. (I'd suggest to leave it alone if your not up to speed with adding code to the root directory ), and the other link is Microsoft Clarity. Click it.

Microsoft Clarity is easy to understand. First there is some code to install on your site. Then verify it, and your set to go.

Some of the benefits of Microsoft clarity include linking with Google analytics.

Heatmaps. These are good for checking which links are getting clicks.

Recordings, where people are spending time on your site, as well as showing other info about your site and its performance.

For instance...

Did they visit using a PC, Tablet, Phone. All this is information you can optimize for, and the only cost is your time.

So, if your feeling lost traversing through Google analytics, this might be a better option. Certainly if you into E-commerce the heatmap is invaluable.

Hope this is of some help.



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YvonneBray Premium
Great Post on Google, Bing and SEO.
I have installed Google Analytics, Search Google Console and Microsoft on one site but not having any success on my new site. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
I would like to install Bing.
Mick-D Premium
Hi Yvonne,
You should be able to add a new site to the list you already have on Bing without too many issues. A matter of verifying ownership.

Once ownership is verified, then it is just a matter of adding your new site to Microsoft Clarity, then copying and pasting the unique code they issue between the <head .... >/head> code of your site.

Then go back to Bing and click "Proceed" (which is below the box you copied the code from).
Any further issues PM me, The links Bing provide aren't able to be copied and pasted here.

YvonneBray Premium
Thank I'll check this out
JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent ideas here, Michael! My sites aren't geared towards AM yet, as I am trying to use them to promote my own things, but I will save this for sure!

Newme202 Premium
Awesome Michael
I am always learning from you
Thank you for your valuable information.
I don't have Microsoft clarity but I will certainly add it
Phil did say I should install it
I will do so now
Mick-D Premium
Your welcome Simone.
Newme202 Premium
You're welcome