Blog Dogs and Socket sets.

Last Update: March 10, 2021

A few weeks back Jeffrey Brown of blog dog fame hopped into his car one freezing morning to drive over to his workplace.

It was a short trip, just making top gear before arriving at his workplace then, looking at the temperture guage on the car he saw the first problem of his day.

The outside temperture was minus 10, there was snow on the ground, and yet the car was overheating.

He did a check of the usual suspects, perished hoses, loose connections, or rusted through welsh plugs and let the car cool down before checking to see if there was any water in the radiator !

Jeffrey, if you don't know has two dogs who at various times have posted on his blog site, hence the name blog dogs.

There is also a cat called Tig-Tig, who watches everything Jeffrey does and has been known to post on his blog as well.

All of this got me thinking, If the dogs and the cat can work a computer they might also try their paws at being mechanics.

I know, your probably thinking what the hell has this got to do with Wealthy Affiliate. Well not much and a lot. You see earlier this week, I had 25 hours without power and when the power goes so does the internet.

That put me behind on a lot of fronts, and now I need to exercise my writing chops again. So if you feel like a victim, Sorry, suck it up.

But back to the story. Earlier today a friend of mine sent me photo of a 10mm socket he lost about 3 years ago. Seeing this socket reminded me of Jeffrey's problem with his car.

He did mention that he thought it was the thermostat.

Jeffrey if your reading this check your socket set. The blog dogs may have been playing mechanics and you have a problem similar to the photo my mate sent me.of his thermostat.

If this is your problem, I am sure if you asked the cat, he could point out which blog dog it was. But be careful, cats have been known to create set ups so the blame gets cast elsewhere.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
This is too funny, Michael! The Blog Dogs, Tig-Tig, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It is a GREAT read! You are an excellent writer, and you might be right! Maybe I am missing a socket, and that is where it might be! I have been known a time or two to have a screw loose!

RogerMackley Premium
Funny story Michael, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and I lost a complete Craftsman socket set a while back, better check dog and cat beds.
Newme202 Premium
Michael, I see
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Very good
Karin13 Premium
Ha! :)