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Last Update: May 25, 2021

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Hi all,

Checking my emails the other week and one with the subject line "We love your work" caught my attention enough to not include it in the delete list.

On opening it I found it to be a genuine enquiry. The last line of the third paragraph had me thinking... "Really". Quote...

" Before covid-19 hit us last year, Colombia was one of the fastest-growing destinations for international tourism, and 2020 was going to be the biggest to date. As we are now starting to receive inquiries for the 2nd half of this year, we have absolutely no doubt that the continued interest in this beautiful country will continue. For this reason, i am reaching out to make contact with the best blogs in the world to offer this alliance ".

The best blogs in the world !.. a bit of flattery goes a long way I guess... but I have only done one travel article ( more as an exercise), but I thought it to be below par, so I have it well hidden in my main blog site. So much so I have trouble finding it sometimes.

The last paragraph had some extra sweet bait to get a response from me.

"As well as this we are also planning a Press-trip into the Colombian Coffee Zone for early 2021. This is something that is obviously invitation-only and is also only available to our affiliate partners".

Hmm, a good paragraph to get a positive response. We call it a CTA. (Call to Action).

Never the less he wanted to have a chat and discuss the possibility of forming an affiliate alliance with his company, Which we settled yesterday when he returned a copy of the signed contracts back to me.

I have now registered a new domain and will begin work on it this week. He has also provided me pre written articles (most only about 150 words), from which I can use to build on.

Sometimes in blogging the unexpected can happen. I am looking forward to setting up a new blog.

All the best with your blogging.


P.S. The Ugly article

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Wow Mick, congratz!

For your new project and would love to see Columbia one day in the future,
Been in Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Santo Domingo at Dominican Republic, Brazil but not Columbia wish I took my chance but too late then.

Look forward for sure to visits that's my new destination plan when things back to Normal!

Nice meeting you

Thank you Joce,
There are flights coming into the country from the USA / Canada now. But covid threw the tourism industry into disarray here. Although I think it is mainly expats returning , not so many tourists.

For many, like this company they are starting all over again.

Prices are keen, but the difference between Colombia and other Sth. American countries there are no "big " tour companies in Colombia. Which is a good thing in MHO.

Hopefully in about a week I will have enough to send you a link with more information. At least enough to give you a base to work from.

Thank you very much for your comment.

YAW Michael and looking forward too no hurry though for COVID still on our way but hope the best in the future!


The popup was annoying in that it would go away, on a phone that popup covers half the screen.

Oh...congrats! This is a great opportunity for you Michael... I know you didn't ask for a crit, yet, I really couldn't get passed the popup.


Ok thanks Rudy, I will see what I can do about it.


You're welcome, Michael!
Should be an easy fix!


What a lovely unexpected surprise. Super going Michael. Makes me want to jump on a jet plane and visit.

Thank you Hugh,
I hope everything is going well for you over there...


Got family, health, and strength so okay so far. Thanks for asking. Appreciate it and you are welcome.

Pretty Awesome stuff, Michael! Best success to you in this new venture!


Thanks JB.
Probably I made it sound easier than it really is. I have a habit of understating things.


You're welcome, Michael, and that's a good habit to have, my friend!


Great news Michael.
I hope it works out well for you both.

Thanks Richard,
It looks pretty good at the moment Covid is still a bit of an issue at the moment though, but we will get on the front foot and get active before the covid nightmare ends.

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