How To Claim Bing Ads Credit?

Last Update: August 03, 2019


Just a quick question.

How to claim the 100USD credit for Bing Ads?

I was expecting that after I spent $100 I can get my bing Ads credit.
I have already spent more than 100 bucks, but when I go to click on the "Claim your 100 USD credit for Microsoft Advertising" it just get stuck and nothing is happening.

Any Advice?

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ChristineDu1 Premium
I got the same offer, 1000 pesos in Mexico, and I am using it. You don't have to spend anything. Only when the credit has run out and you want to continue using Bing ads, then you will pay. Contact Bing customer service. They were amazing with me, extremely helpful, super friendly.
PMindra Premium
Hey, Michal.
I trust you are doing awesome.

I'm not there yet but you are in good hands between Leo and the others in the community that are already there.

Onward and upward.

leoemery Premium
Go into your Bing account, click on Help, then click Live Chat and ask them directly, they will tell you how.
MichalB Premium
Now when I see your answer..
I should have known that - it is already after 10pm, here so maybe that is why :)

Anyways, thanks for the straight answer.
leoemery Premium
No worries we've all been there