Great weekend but hard to get back on track.

Last Update: March 21, 2019

It is already Thursday (in some places already Friday) so why am I talking about weekend? Yes I mean last weekend.

I have spent a great weekend at Malta with my fiancee. We explored a bit both islands a bit (did not get to the 3rd and smallest one called Comino).

I was driving at Right-hand side after more than 10 years - so it was a bit challange at first, but got used to that pretty soon :)

Well I could create an entire post about that weekend, but it is not my point...

My point is that I got back from Malta on Monday about noon, and till this day I still have troubles to get back on track.

On Tuesday I watched Jays webinar, yesterday I wrote about 200 words, and today I am getting better but still have troubles to concentrate on finishing my post.

So, I guess the main purpose of this post is to releive my stress (stress from not delivering the content to my site) by sharing :)

I guess I am feeling better already :) so I will leave you guys the image taken at Azure Window - or to be precise, what left of the azure window (as it collapsed in 2017 :( )

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Babou3 Premium
Don't put pressure on yourself,
you have time to move forward!

Have a nice day!
MichalB Premium
I will try not to be, Ingrid :)
Thanks a lot

have a nice day as well
hey Michal,

take it one day at a time. all words count towards the finished post. by the way those images are spectacular. i don't want to work either just dreaming away!. lol

MichalB Premium
Hi Maxine,

thanks a lot for the commenting. You are right, need to take a step at a time. The important is the progress.

Appreciate that :)
SaraElliott Premium
Every tiny bit of effort counts, so just know that you are still moving forward even if it feel slow. Besides, coming back from vacation and jumping into things again is always difficult. Be kind to yourself and know that you will pick up the pace again soon! Best of luck to you and thanks for the incredible photos! I wanna go to Malta! :)
MichalB Premium
Hi Sara, that is true.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I should not beat myself up that much :) and start to focus on the progress.

Really appreciate it
cheers :)
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Michal -- Malta?! ... would love to hear more about it -- it's a kinda 'mysterious' place is it not? ... and no wonder you're feeling somewhat 'distracted' after a visit there ...

travel is a great way to learn more about diverse cultures and to understand people better ... and i consider travel to be one of the best educators all around --

thanks kindly for sharing today ... much appreciated ...

enjoy another beautiful weekend ahead, cheerio ... ☘ ...
MichalB Premium
Hi Keisha,

Well, I think you can say that "mysterious" - Of course it is nothing like watching "the outer limits" :D

To me, first think I wanted to know was the language. I knew they speak English I was just curious about the accent and how they talk.
I was but surprised that primarily they speak Maltese . That is a mixture of Arabic, English and Italian.
All of them speak also English, but with bit of hard accent (like I have lol)

I like the streets in Valletta, the buildings in Mdana or also the north Island was beautiful...

With the traveling I agree with you 100%. It makes me feel alive, I love it. And as you say it gives you better perspective and you learn.
I do enjoy the first moment at the airport already - you see so many different people, right :)

Have a great weekend as well ;)
keishalina9 Premium
uhm -- Maltese?! ... mixture of Italian, English & Arabic ... uhm ... parlo italiano ... i speak English ... Arabic not yet ... that's a very, very interesting combo ... must hear it sometime ...

yes, travel, wonderful way to learn about this world of ours ... will likely do more next year ... this year i'm dedicating it to getting this WA website off the ground and flying first ! ... you know, soar like an eagle, not fly like a dunderduck! ... lol ....

enjoy a wonderful weekend ahead, cheerio ... ☘ ...