1.5 Year with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: June 04, 2019

Little "anniversary" I would like to share with you.

Originally I wanted to write this blog in May, but I could not get around it.

I have been member of Wealthy Affiliate since Nov2017 - that was in May 1.5 year, already. Happy to be here ;)

Here are some stats:

I have little over 1,000 followers here at WA.
I would like to thank to all of you guys.

Regarding my niche(s):

In 2018, I was basically doing the mistake of not being focused on one site only. Towards end of the 2018 I decided to work solely on one site.

Starting Jan 2019 I finally begun to post more on regular basis and as for end of May I have 50 posts on my site.

Here are numbers of users visiting my website this year (2019)

JAN 113 visitors

FEB 272 visitors

MARCH 401 visitors

APR 439 visitors

MAY 548 visitors

It is not much, but there is a progress and one can see that more posts we write more traffic we gain.

Somethings to be done:

More posts per week: My plan is to post 5 times a week. It is doable for sure even with my 9-5 job.

YouTube channel: I need/want to post a video on YouTube and get more familiar with me being recorded.

Incorporate the “Elementor” into my home page.

Last but not least:

June goal – 1st Premium referral

Just a quick question:
Having 50+ posts on my site - the number of users visiting my site - is it OK, should it be more?
I realize that there is no straight answer; just would like to have some point of reference.

Anyways, I do know -one thing for sure- I gotta keep posting quality content, no matter what and the traffic will grow :)

I am grateful to be here,

Thanks again:)


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lesabre Premium
Hi Mike, congratulations on your 1.5 year anniversary. Your stats look pretty darn good and it's nice to see them getting better. You must be doing things right. I like your goals.
All the best,
MichalB Premium
Thank you Michael,

Wishing you all the best as well
adrianh25392 Premium
Well I have only been here for around 6 months and to me your stats are great.
MichalB Premium
Thank you Adrian,

I Just need to keep posting :)
ExpatMark Premium
Congrats on the great stats and the anniversary.

Make a living, make a difference.

MichalB Premium
Thanks Mark,
appreciate it
Kyle Premium Plus
Those stats are great, as they are showing month over month growth. If you sustain this level of growth, you are going to be in the 100's of uniques per day by this time next year, if not much more.

That is a lot of traffic and can represent a lot of value (and consistent income to your business). Keep up the great work!
MichalB Premium
Thanks a lot Kyle;

That means a lot to me.
jamesprc Premium
Congratulations Michal! You're still creating content, and even if you get distracted along the way (multiple blogs), you're not stopping which is the most important thing.

Your traffic numbers are consistently going up! The way it's developing, I think your traffic could explode one month if you keep focusing on that niche site.

Regarding your question about traffic for 50 posts: That depends on your rankings.

If all of your posts are in the top 5 results, then that means you're targeting very low-traffic keywords.

However, if out of your 50 posts almost none are in the top 3 or top 5, then you need to go back and improve them to increase the rankings. Improve the titles, improve the meta data, make sure you're not spamming ads and affiliate links, increase the length, improve formatting, add more images, get comments here on WA, get more social media shares, etc.

Also, if you are struggling to get rankings, consider targeting more low-competition keywords and get into the top 3 rankings. Then assess your traffic situation again.

Hope it helps and keep at it! Looking forward to reading your next success blog post (I followed you).
MichalB Premium
Thank you James for thorough comment.
I appreciate it and will look deeper in my previous posts.

I follow you back
cheers :)
jamesprc Premium
Glad it helped a bit! The theory is quite simple, but implementation can become a bit of an art :D The better you get to know your blog, and your reader base, the easier it will become to judge for yourself.