The Three Month Mark and I'm Better Than Ever

Last Update: May 12, 2018

Today marks my third month since I first tried to change my life at Wealthy Affiliate. I will admit it, and I'm probably not the first, but I was a little skeptical when I first started here. That skepticism has been up and down, in and out and around and around as I have continued to work on my site. There are good days when I can't enjoy my work enough, and there are bad days when I feel that I may be doing this for nothing. Today, all that changed...

So, What's Been Going On?

Social Media Campaign

My site is really coming along now and I am getting some regular returning viewers and I have started to actively use social media, something which I rarely did before. I'm still getting the hang of it and I am actually starting to enjoy it. I found it to be a bit boring at first but the joy comes with engaging with people. Which I suppose is the whole point.

My Regular Weeklies

For those of you who don't know, I have a couple of regular weekly update posts relevant to my niche and they are very well-received. I know some people who actually look forward to them which makes this whole thing worthwhile.

Always having been a good writer I have found that writing regularly for an audience has made me a better writer. I am enjoying it and a lot more than at the beginning and I now consider just part of my day.

I will continue to write the weekly updates for as long as they are relevant, which I think will be a long time.

Accurate and Informal News

The niche for which my website was chosen is a very competitive and large niche with lots of news from varying sources and for the most part all of my competitors get their news from the same ones, also the same sources I used when I first started my site. Then I realized that this isn't really the best way to go about it. What am I offering that other sites aren't (apart from my weeklies)? Nothing was the quick answer.

The solution: find other sources and offer news and articles that the other sites wouldn't usually feature. This has been a godsend for my social media side of the business. So it makes sense to continue with this.

The Future of My Site

My site is basically an infant and it needs care and attention. I have big plans to create additional branches to the site which are still very relevant to my niche. The nature of my chosen niche is one of innovation, ambition and entertainment. The scope of which is almost limitless.

As I was saying...

I started the work day as I have done since forming my routine two months ago when began to actively engage in the social media aspect of my business. I checked SM sites for any messages, replied to comments etc.

That being done I decided to check Google Analytics and noticed that there has been a spike in organic and direct traffic. So, curiously I entered one of my keywords from a regular post. Nothing. Not on the first page anyway. Yes, there my post was at the top of Search Results Page 2. That's a good feeling I have to say.

However, my interest being piqued, I entered another keyword from another regular post. OMG! There my site is, halfway down Search Results Page 1, only beaten by large and very well-established competitors in my field.

Now I am filled with excitement: I tried other keywords, and guess what? Well I think you get it by now.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

The community here at Wealthy Affiliate is one of honesty and integrity, despite my earlier misgivings.

I have found everyone to be friendly, helpful and supportive, from Site Support, to respected members, fledgling members (such as myself) and brand new members.

The paradigm of help someone to help yourself really works here and in a way I have never seen before in any other Internet community.

So for new members here: just be patient, make yourself known and don't stop working.

To established members: thank you for all your support and patience and a huge thank you to a certain few regular Live Chat members who have helped me tremendously, not only with the work but for the helpful attitude and spiritual support. You know who you are. Thank you.

Thank you for reading and best of luck with your own future,

New followers are always welcome as I try to grow my ever expanding site and gain exposure.

Please, if you have the time then follow/like etc., then let me know and I will gladly return the favour:


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JerryMcCoy Premium
good post
Melissa901 Premium
3 months! I have to agree it is a roller coaster at this point. I am barely ahead of you but same with the good and the bad days just keep it up..
MAdkins2 Premium
Good stuff Michael. Keep it going!

hopet Premium
very encouraging
4veeq Premium
You have a great story. And it is just beginning. Imagine what will happen next. Wish you the best!