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Last Update: May 11, 2018

Amazon Associates

Hello, I'm Michael, editor and owner of ChartX Games ( and welcome to my first informal blog: Amazon Associates in WordPress with Amazon OneLink.

As the title suggests I will detail how to correctly use Amazon Associates for correctly creating product links in your blog posts created with WordPress.

I am writing this because I see a lot of people asking about this on Live Chat but not a lot of people cover it. Don't be embarrassed, I too asked a lot about this subject however I just went ahead managed to get it working. It isn't difficult, it's just a little tedious as these things always are. So without wasting more time let's get to it.

Here is what will be covered:

• What Amazon Associates is
• How to sign up
• Amazon Associates account linking
• Amazon Associates OneLink
• Searching for products in Amazon Associates
• Creating Amazon Associates WordPress links

What is Amazon Associates?

If you are implementing an affiliate marketing website or blog then Amazon Associates might be for you.

Amazon Associates is a program that provides an affiliate reseller access to almost every product being sold on Amazon. These products can be sold via website through product links in order for you to earn a commission for every product sold. This extends throughout the buying session of a visitor and not to the linked single product, in fact the visitor doesn't even have to purchase the originally clicked product; if the visitor clicks a product link on your website and continues to purchase more products in one session then you will also gain commission for the additional products.

Signing Up for Amazon Associates

In order to gain commissions from Amazon Associates in WordPress you will need to sign up for the program:

Amazon Associates Tracking ID

Whenever you sign up for Amazon Associates you will be assigned a unique Amazon Associates tracking ID. This the identifier used for recording purchases made via your Amazon product links.

Whenever you build a link using Amazon Associates the code will contain your tracking ID.

Using Tracking IDs

In order to use Amazon Associates in WordPress across multiple countries it is required that you sign up for an Amazon Associates ID for each specific country and create links to products using your assigned tracking IDs for each country.

Amazon OneLink

It is possible to use single tracking ID for products in different countries. This is a relatively new feature called Amazon OneLink.

Amazon OneLink will identify the country of origin regarding the link click and redirect the user to the appropriate Amazon store for the country.

Amazon OneLink cannot be used in every country. Currently Amazon OneLink is only functional for Associate IDs in the following countries:

• United States
• United Kingdom
• Canada
• Italy
• Japan
• France
• Spain
• Germany

Acquiring Amazon OneLink

In order to use Amazon OneLink you will need to create an Amazon Associates ID for the United States. Sign up as you usually would but for a United States Amazon Associates account.

You will be give another Amazon Associates ID that is a unique identifier for your US account.

Note: If you already own a US account then you do not need to do this.

Configuring Amazon OneLink

Next it is required that you link any other Amazon Associates IDs with your United States account. In order to do this, log in to your US account. At the top right-hand side of the web page you should see a OneLink link next to your Amazon Associates US ID.

Click OneLink and you will be directed to the instructions of configuring OneLink for use in building product links.

>>Step 1: Link Your Amazon Accounts

Click the link to link your accounts: 'Click here to link':

You now need to got through each of the geographical locations for which you have an Amazon Associates ID and link them to your US OneLink ID.

From the list of compatible countries, click the one you wish to link and then enter your Amazon Associates ID which refers to that country. Check that it is correct and then click the 'Link Store' button.

Note: Your original Amazon Associates ID will be automatically linked provided it is registered to a OneLink compatible country.

Once you link your foreign store to your US OneLink then your store will show as verified.

Repeat the process for any other Amazon Associate ID's that you wish to use in conjunction with OneLink.

>>Step 2: Integrate Amazon OneLink with Your WordPress Site

To use OneLink with Amazon Associates in WordPress, next you will need to place some script code into your website in order for OneLink to execute correctly.

As you did earlier, click OneLink link in Amazon Associates and then click the link for step 2: 'Get the code here':

Next, copy the code with which you are presented:

This code needs to be placed into the footer of your WordPress theme. To do this log in to your WordPress website dashboard with and administrative privileged account.

From your WordPress Dashboard navigate to:
Appearance --> Editor

The editor lets you directly edit the code of your WordPress Theme.

From the 'Theme Files' list click 'Footer' This will open code pertaining to the footer area of the theme.

Next, insert the code before the end body tag (</body>) and then click the 'Update File' button.
The OneLink script is now inserted into your code and ready to work for your WordPress website.

Note: if you do not use child themes for editing your site then any changes made to the code of the theme will be lost if you update the theme.

Using Amazon Associates in WordPress

Creating links for use in WordPress in pretty straight forward. Amazon Associates is used for searching for the product you want to feature on your website and then building a link for the specified product.

Searching for a Product

If you wish to use your OneLink with Amazon Associates in WordPress then ensure you are logged into your US account.

To add a product to your website, whilst logged in to Amazon Associates search for the desired product using the search bar.

Creating Text Links

If you only wish to use a simple text link then from the list of results click 'expand' arrow attached to the 'Get Link' button on the product you wish to link.

Next simply copy the code presented to you and use paste that code in to your WordPress post link editor as usual.

Note: if you wish to display multiple links for the same product throughout your website then this process must be repeated. It is illegal to copy and paste already built links with tracking IDs and will result in you being banned from Amazon Associates.

Creating a Product Link

If you wish to display products with information then from the list of searched results click the 'Get Link' button.

Then choose the type of link you wish to generate: Text and Product, Text Only and Image Only. You will also be presented with an example of the link that will be generated.

You must copy the generated code for the desired link category from the code box.

To use this generated link from Amazon Associates in WordPress then you need to open the code editor for your WordPress post by clicking the 'Text' tab of the WordPress post editor:

Paste the generated code for the product into this tab. To view the product then switch back to the 'Visual' tab.

Note: the product may only show an outline while inside the WordPress editor however when you load your website the graphics should display correctly. There is a known issue that if tracking protection is switched on in Firefox it can stop Amazon products advertisements from displaying correctly.

Thanks for Reading

So there you have it. A quick overview on how to use Amazon Associates in WordPress with Amazon OneLink.

This might seem like a little much but it actually gets very easy to use once you have practiced a couple of time.

I really hope this will help and clear up a few concerns you might have. As always if I haven't covered something here or you need help then please just ask.

For more information about me and my business:


Thank you,
Michael - Editor/Owner -

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