how to be happy ?

Last Update: October 12, 2017

The only question i always ask myself is how to be happy ?

People think that happiness comes from money love or even funny movie but its not so true .

lately i am feeling lost a lot don't know my way feeling down and depressed because nothing going my way , problems with the family , heart broken , toxic environment around me , work place .

Don't get me wrong i am grateful for having a good family but no one understands me or what i want to do in life i am still working hard to leave where i am today to travel far away to start a new life as a gay person , to be free , and find peace in life its something that i want to do, because how much can you really take before breaking down or how much can you take before exploding on everyone because it happened to me and the result ended in a massive fight ,

On with the years i started learning and changing and till this day i am still doing it changes i made i left my job to work on my own company which i really hope it will blossom and grow and eating healthy doing sport trying to relax as much as i can and its changing me i feel less depressed more healthy more relaxed i am still learning and i am still young and i am not giving up or slowing down .

i recommend if your going through the same as me or worse or less do what makes you happy what can benefit you and what can change you for the better , say something nice to someone a friend a family member even a stranger you wont believe how you can change their day for the better and at the same time you will feel better because you know you made someone's day better , do more sport go for small walks on the beach or go hiking with a friend everything will help you even the smallest things .

But the most important thing is to enjoy every minute live every moment because you will never know what will happen at the same day tomorrow or next week so live and enjoy

learn to love !

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JohnBochtis Premium
I'm also working at a place I don't like, my gut is telling me to walk away and that is what I'm going to do. I tried to do everything too quickly and hit a wall. This time around I will take the time and do everything more slowly and organized.

I can totally understand your situation and I know that you are speaking out of your heart. Just make sure not to overdo things. Live in the now, not in the future. That is my advice.