Weekly live training and multitasking

Last Update: June 15, 2018

I love doing Jay's live training, and every week I aim to do the training. It's on at 10am Saturday mornings where I live, which can be a bit tricky as by Saturday morning we have no food left in the house and it's when I do a big weekly grocery shop. Online grocery shopping just doesn't work for me, so I have "me time" - LOL - while I shop and get coffee.

Today, I combined going grocery shopping with listening to the training. Win!! I have to tell you I'll be doing that every weekend. I had my iPad open at the front of the shopping trolley with my headphones in, and it was great.

When you're struggling to find time to do training (and other things), you need to be creative!

What are the creative ways you incorporate WA into your daily lives? I'd love to hear how you do it.

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DebbieRose Premium
Where there's a will...there's a way. Good for you. I don't have the challenge of trying to learn something new and keep to a schedule so I don't have to be as creative...continued success to you.
MiaL Premium
Thanks Debbie, and much success to you too :)
PaulBoudreau Premium
Hi, Melissa.
The original multi-taskers were the parents of hungry/starving/ haven't eaten all day, kids.
The irony is that we always work harder on our days off.
Keep running and don't look back.
Thanks for the memories, my days off are very much like yours.
MiaL Premium
Hi Paul,
i still find the concept of "days off" as being funny. It's just a different kind of activity really.
I hope you too enjoy your day off! :)
Have a lovely weekend.
MKearns Premium
I love that shopping trolley Mia. You have to be from the British Isles!
MiaL Premium
Melbourne, Australia sir!
MKearns Premium
I love the Commonwealth too!