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July 22, 2018
I'm not a bragger, but today I noticed I've just exceeded 100,000 words. I could hardly believe it. I joined WA in late November 2017. I spent the first few months mostly doing the training. My website didn't really start until early January this year. This is all of my content - no guest authors. Just me. I'm super proud of myself. I forgot how much I loved to write until I joined WA. It reignited my passion for writing and researching, and I'm so happy to be here! I hope you're all having a
June 28, 2018
Hello friends! I have a very small success I want to share with you. Today I received three organic comments on my website. I am ecstatic about this!! I don't often receive organic comments, so to get three today left me feeling wonderful. This has been a very long journey for me, and at times exhausting with all of my other life commitments. So I am celebrating this tiny win because for me, it is huge. Thanks for being a part of this little win with me. Onward and upwards everyone. ~Melissa
I love doing Jay's live training, and every week I aim to do the training. It's on at 10am Saturday mornings where I live, which can be a bit tricky as by Saturday morning we have no food left in the house and it's when I do a big weekly grocery shop. Online grocery shopping just doesn't work for me, so I have "me time" - LOL - while I shop and get coffee.Today, I combined going grocery shopping with listening to the training. Win!! I have to tell you I'll be doing that every weekend. I had my
May 01, 2018
Today, I woke up feeling great. I had spent the last four weeks trying to get to the bottom of a health issue that had been scaring me and perplexing my doctors. I had visited a number of doctors who couldn't work out was wrong with me. I had been biopsied, tested and x-rayed. I even had a " ... well ... this is a strange" together with body language that you don't want to see from your medical professional. I can laugh about it now because it turns out I'm totally fine. I just had somethin
I've been keeping to myself a lot lately, becuase of the sheer volume of things that seem to be happening at the moment. I'm finding that after a long day at work I'm very tired, and only sometimes feeling like writing more in the evening. The other day I had to laugh at myself, because I had a series of face palm moments that did make me chuckle. I don't take myself too seriously. Here's the pair of shoes that I grabbed as I left the house, so that I could change in to them when I got to wor
March 02, 2018
So I was rather ecstatic to see that I had my very first organic comment on my website from someone other than my family, friends, and you wonderful folk here at WA. You know when you get the email to say you have a new comment to approve, and you get that little feeling of excitement? Well that's what happened to me! But then I looked further and this was the awesome organic comment I got:Lol. Oh well, better luck next time. On the flip side, someone must have found my website in google. T
Hello lovely community. I won’t take too much of your time, because I know how hard you’re all working right now! No distractions I hear you say. I really do sense the intensity right now with the work we’ve been given.If you’re anything like me, you’re working up a sweat achieving your content goals. And you’re madly getting your logo done. And making sure your theme is right, and your menu, and your colours and fonts. I don’t know about you, b
January 23, 2018
Hello lovely community, I hope you’re all doing well. It's been a big morning here in the community!I have a secret, but I’ll get to that in a moment. My boys and I have been on a mini holiday in one of our favourite places. This year there were some additions to my luggage, including my laptop and my little ‘book of ideas’. Usually I just bring a few books with me to read but not this year. My laptop has become a feature pretty much everywhere I go now. I have had t
We're on holidays at our favourite mini-holiday destination on the Great Ocean Road in beautiful Anglesea. My boys have done what they always do, and made some instant holiday friends. While they've been off having a ball, I've been battling a dodgy wifi connection. I don't mind at all though. I'm sitting outside listening to the kookaburras, with a cup of coffee, thinking about what's next. And planning some tasks and goals for myself and my site. I have written up a hoshin kanri which wa
It's officially time for me to celebrate! This might be silly to you, but I am ecstatic. I KNOW now that the process can work. It's important to celebrate the small wins, because the small wins can add up to bigger wins. I also wanted to thank you all for the incredible support you have given me and others. It is truly appreciated. Onwards and upwards to everyone in this fabulous community. Here's to a brilliant 2018.Melissa ^imagine fancy signature here^