Are You Leveraging Facebook In The Right Ways?

Last Update: Nov 15, 2019

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Hey, Michael here.

I have some really exciting news for you.

Are you leveraging the power of social media...enough?

Aside from your SEO efforts with a blog, YouTube, and Pinterest, are you connecting AND engaging with people on Facebook or Instagram and other social networks for that matter?

In addition to SEO, I strongly recommend that you use a social media platform where your Target market is congregating the most and:

  • Connect
  • Network
  • Solve problems
  • Answer Questions
  • Defeat Roadblocks
  • Get people results

Now, you're probablly like "Ok, I get it, I hear that all the time", but how?

What's the strategy, tactics behind it?

I wanted to use Facebook for this example just to illustrate what's possible. Remember that social media means being social, so you really shouldn't wait to be the person being "hunted", rather get out there and "hunt" at first. It's no different than a network marketer, well, network marketing.

Go into Facebook groups in your demographic and psychographic, answer people's questions, solve their problems, be the ONLY solution. As a result you will build trust, community, and be the person people will turn to for your niche topic. You don't need to overthink it, the pre-qualifcation steps can come later...

answer in the comment section of people's post, you can get them to message you back, ask them if you can reach out in the PM to send them more info about an article, video, etc.

Have an optin form ready, or your product/service. Follow up with them via comment or PM with more help. Provide value without expecting anything in return whatsoever, and watch what will happen.

This will get more people to follow you and you can support your people through FB lives, Videos and more I will go through below.(Going live is big now a days, get over your fear of it and believe in yourself, you can do it. If an introverted(well ambivert) person like myself can do it, you can too).

Posting stories on FB is similar to IG, give value, and get people to act.

Using Chatbots?

You can even use chat bot services like Manychat which I STRONGLY am for doing, and it works for me very well. Deliver their free ebook, pdf, guide through your Manychat bot(or whichever service that is), use sequences with flows, and broadcast messages.

Use a good frontend lead magnet to give away in exchange for an email, send them the download through Manychat(on your email, you'll still give it to them), and follow up with them day-by-day. Ask them:

Day 1:

  • Have they read your blueprint
  • Give a quick tip about your niche
  • Make it a bit personal(build authority and a relationship to trust you)

Day 2:

  • Check in with them again the next day to make sure they downloaded your freebie
  • Ask them what they thought

Day 3:

  • Send another chatbot message if they've downloaded your freebie

Day 4:

  • And another reminder.
  • Add another product/service in your funnel or take them to more content
  • Deliver a Webinar to them

Day 5:

  • Send them to your Business page with your content(keeps them on FB longer).
  • Send them to your FB Group(keeps them on FB longer).
  • Send them to your profile newsfeed to see a post(keeps them on FB longer).

Day 6:

  • Get them into your application funnel

There' a structure I follow to this and it's like what you saw in bullets up above.

Broadcast campaigns therafter with a question or a comment WITH a call to action button that sends out another chat bot message, and then send them to your blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.


Headline: Are you struggling with Natural Medicine?

The problems that you keep living with are:

1. Taking harmful chemical medications

2. You keep using conservative treatments

3. It's not the "mainstream" thing

Do any of these apply to you?

Call to action: Yes or No

Now, you can send them another follow up with your flow sequence - get them to take action on reading an article, or deliver content in another format.

This is good use for my Facebook page which gets engagement and people into my chatbot(I'll talk about FB pages below).

Emailing Your Way In

Having an email autoresponder sequence is very important, that way you can drip messages out to add more value, stories + content + promotional offers.

Another great strategy is to use a FB Group. Right now, the FB algorithms are favoring them, so I recommend you start one and start adding value to it, and collect emails through the 3 questions you get to ask. Inside of your group its all about value and bringing engagement, but you can remind people to check your new blog post, YT video, podcast, etc, and give them incentives to sign up to your list...

Like I'll give you a free bonus if you subscribe to my YT channel.

Make sure to post on your newsfeed catchy headlines, content, sharpen your FB profile, add a lead magnet, turn your FB business profile into a hot spot, and network some more.

When you post on your Business page, invoke these 3 things:

1. A Curiosity headline that makes your reader want to see more

2. A story - what the post is about. Goes from problem to solution.

3. Call to action - ex: To get this article 1. Like this post 2. Comment #painfree And I'll PM you it. Or you can ask a question at the end.

By the way, you can get organic likes to your FB page, by running a little engagement/ awareness campaign from your page via a FB ad can help you out. Then, you can add your content to your FB page and people will connect with you and start liking your page naturally.

Don't just post links to your articles expecting people to link and go read them.

Leveraging Peoples Audiences

Like with guest bloggig, it's great to leverage other people's audiences to get more eyeballs on your content. You can even do Lives with other people and so on.

Going With Paid Ads?

So far I've focused on many organic ways and I still have more to go through below but I want to mention FB ads here for a second.

You need to have a "Fan aquistion" strategy over a "customer aquistion" strategy. Meaning?

Make sure you're building a fan and audience base that knows likes and trusts you and your brand. So whenever they see it, they go, "man this person ads so much value without anything in first at least.

I like to:

1. Run engagement campaigns - build likes, comments. This is for social proof

2. Run traffic campaigns or conversions, depending on where you are at and the system you have

You can use a simple optin page and thank you page or you can use marketing funnels to go from optin page to bridge page to a product/service.

There's so much more I could cover, but that's the gist of it. Add value, get into groups, PM, use a FB group, Go Live or post videos - This one is Huge! - get people into your email list. And know that on the back of anyones and your audiences mind is this:

"Why should I listen to him/her?" "What makes them different than anything I already know or have seen?" So be unique and have a narrowed niche that still is in this red ocean but you pull away into your own "blue ocean."

To do this see what people are already consuming that's not working for them and create your "new opportunity" not an improvement offer.

Remember that these are real people with real problems. Get to understand them, ask them what their #1 biggest problem is when it comes to[your niche], and create or add content around it.

OH and just as a plug, for Instagram, you can do the exact same thing. Don't worry about follow/unfollow, worry more about how you're going to get in the Direct Message Inbox(DM).

All roads don't necessarily lead into the DM but that's where everything is heading. Get in there and be the solution. Send people to your FB group, get them onto your email list with a freebie that will solve their main problem and then offer more on the backend with maybe a paid product.

I tell this to my following and people all the time - what is your end result? In other words, what actions do you want people to take as a result of what you're doing?

It's no different than when you do a blog post, what's the call to action at the end? Is it another article, a funnel, a product to go buy, etc.

Have an end result in mind(reverse engineer), and deliver. What's a bigger following if you don't know your end result of an action, or if you don't have a monetization strategy in place?

Don't let the thought of "well organic reach is dead" stop you, and if it didn't work for someone else, it doesn't mean it won't work for you. Usually it comes down to a lack of understanding the platform and not increasing your odds...

And by that I mean the more your reach out, the more you send out content, the more you set systems in place, the more reach and conversions you'll see. It's all about increasing your odds, remember that.

In Conclusion

You can use Facebook as well other social media platforms to your advantage, and you don't need to do these all at once. Get good at one, and add another, then another. Eventually your niche will blow up!

On the back of my mind is adding value, but more importantly, collecting emails so that way I don't have to put all my effort on just Facebook.

With the lulls that come with Google traffic and maybe your niche(I have a health and wellness site as well one in the MMO space), You just need the right strategy that's it. You can see things with your eyes but your mind sees the things that your eyes can't.

At the end of the day don't forget the "Marketer" or "Marketing" part in Affiliate Marketer and Affiliate Marketing.

That's it for now.



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    Wow so much insight of what Facebook can do aka connecting with people. Is like a complete training you got here. Awesome Michael to share this valuable traits in sosial media. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠβœŒοΈ

    Hi Henry, yeah Facebook is huge for so many different things, but at the end of the day its still a social media platform and you need to treat it like one by networking.

    You are very welcome! Glad I could help.


    Is true as the say goes your network is your networthπŸ˜ŠπŸ’―βœŒοΈπŸ‘βœ‹πŸ‘

    Wow! Man with a plan!
    Hey Michael that's great stuff.
    I've just recently started using Facebook and created a few fan pages.
    I'm still working full-time so about the best I've been able to do is post articles on there to keep them warmed up and boosted a few so that I am up to up to 680 followers on one and 180 on another in just two weeks.
    I'm just curious, have you used the chatbot yet to automate your Facebook and Instagram postings?
    Have you explored Ubot studio?

    Hey Gary, sorry for the late response. That's great to hear! Just take it little by little, it will snowball, and you'll start to see greater growth via engagement, likes and other metrics. It's a smart idea to run a little boost campaign, they always help.

    Currently not. I'm keeping that option open and I will be exploring it more in the future. I haven't tried Ubot, how is it?


    Great info. Thank you. Very specific! Well explained. - Florentino

    Hey Florentino, thank you! I'm glad you found my post helpful.



    Wow that is great information Michael. You've opened my eyes as I wasn't sure if working with FB was possible.
    Thanks for sharing

    Lily 😊

    You're welcome Lily! Yeah, there are many strategies with FB that it can feel overwhelming at first, but once you break it down into bite-sized pieces and you make your angles work, the rest just follows.


    Great ideas!

    Thank you Joe!

    Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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