What is FEAR Really Trying to Tell You

Last Update: May 27, 2015

I chose this topic because I believe almost everyone who is starting something new in life like a new career, relationship, a move, etc. feels fear. I've experienced a lot of fear in my 60 years and hope some of the wisdom I learned throughout the years of reading and studying will help you save time.

"All fears are reactions to something you believe to be true, you don't have a feeling about anything if you don't first have a belief about that thing, that circumstance or situation...that's what fear is for. It is there to tell you, you have a belief that is out of alignment with who and what you truly are.".....Bashar

In our spiritual quest to unlock the ultimate "truth" of the universe, we come to a place where we seek to understand the role that fear and negative emotions play in our journey. We know that nothing happens by accident and everything that is in our present reality must be there to serve a purpose...even the things we do not wish to experience or look at, such as pain, fear and suffering.

A common belief is that when fear has risen, we should have an intuition of sorts of what is true, going to be true or a premonition of what the outcome of a situation will be. We think to ourselves, "my fearful thought about a particular situation must be my intuition of what is going to happen, and because I feel afraid, it must be indicating that there is a potential outcome of this situation that needs to be feared." And actually, nothing could be farther from the truth.

When we know we live in a universe that always has our back, our best interests at heart and is always seeking to return us back to not only unconditional love, but also attempting to reveal to us our most authentic self, we see that fear can only be showing us exactly what is NOT true with a particular situation.

When we see things from this standpoint, we begin to form a new relationship with fear, sadness, grief, devastation, hopelessness, defeat, confusion and frustration. Instead of using these emotions as indicators of what is the truth of our present circumstances, we instead use these emotions as guidepost as to how far OUT of congruence we have become with the ultimate "truth" of the universe.

Put into the simplest terms, the truth always FEELS good. So if you are not feeling good about your present situation, it can only be because you have bought into a belief that is out of alignment with the ever-loving, supportive and all-knowing intelligence of the universe. So instead of being afraid when fear pops up, we can then use it as an indication that we need to dig a little deeper. We need to get to the root cause of the issue which is the belief BEHIND the belief, the core belief that is the cause of the fearful or negative emotion.

"Your fear is an indication that you're clinging to something that the source (your soul) within you does not cling to."....Abraham Hicks

By now you are probably thinking that you have had a fear about something before that HAS turned into reality. There may have been something you were afraid was going to happen, such as losing your job or your partner breaking up with you, and that very thing DID come true. So doesn't that means the fear you had was real and actually indicating what was going to happen?

Well, yes and no. Technically yes, you had a premonition of the outcome of a particular situation and the very thing you predicted would happen was what actually did happen, however, the issue is not with the outcome itself but with the fearful thoughts about the outcome.

Fear can only indicate that we are expecting something to happen that is NOT in our best interest, that is going to be "bad" (what we perceive to be "bad"), or that is going to somehow make us less of a person, if whatever is the object of our desire is taken from us. In these cases, we see that fear is the by-product of a faulty belief system.

It is the beliefs that we are holding on to about the way things "need" to happen, or "should" go in order to feel "good" or to feel as if things have gone "right", that is causing the fear. If we challenge these beliefs, we see that in actuality, they are not true at all. There is no thing that happens that isn't ultimately making us better, wiser, stronger and ultimately happier.

When we look at things this way, we see that anytime a fear-based emotion pops up into our minds, the only thing we must do is determine the belief system that is behind the emotion. Once this happens we are able to start getting more in touch with our subconscious belief systems that may be lurking underneath the surface causing us problems in our life.

Below are some common fears and belief systems that causes them to help you get more in touch with the reasons why you may be feeling negative emotions about a particular situation. By simply bringing the light of our awareness to the belief systems we are able to unravel them from our subconscious mind.

  • "I'm afraid I will never be successful or live abundantly." This fear is most likely coming from a personal definition of success or abundance that is not in alignment with what the universe considers abundant, but rather what society is considering abundance. When this arises, question what your definition is, and alter accordingly.

  • "I'm afraid I will never meet my soul mate." This fear often comes from the beliefs that one needs someone else to complete them.When we begin to believe that we can feel whole and fulfilled just by ourselves, we not only stop expecting someone else to fulfill us, but eventually we draw to us another person who is their whole self as well.
  • "I'm afraid to go after a job/person/opportunity I really want to because I am afraid I will fail." This fear is another that has to do with a skewed definition. This time the definition of the word failure is what is important. Who determines what a "failure" is exactly? Even if we don't get the job, person, or opportunity we went after, if we change our definitions of failure from a defeat to one of opportunity for re-direction, we see that nothing never goes wrong for us. Either we get what we set out to do, or we are redirected to something better.

  • "I'm afraid I will never be a wealthy, popular, funny, intelligent, (insert any adjective here) as, the people around me." This fear stems from the belief that we need to be like others in order to not only be liked by them, but to achieve some sort of standard of what a person "should" be. But, you are unique! When we embrace our individuality instead of trying to live up to someone else's standard, things will begin to change.

Life is an ongoing journey of using our thoughts, beliefs and expectations to create the life we truly want. Fearful emotions can serve us by showing us where we are still holding on to limited beliefs about life that are inhibiting us from living out our highest potential. Instead of be overtaken by our emotions, we can use them as our guide and our compass to navigate our way to our best life ever.

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
good job... No need to add my $0.02
MFreire Premium
Thanks. I just want to help others who have questions about life like I had for most of my life. No matter how old you are, you are always learning and growing. Have a great day.
bsmith1222 Premium
I once heard FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Most of what we really fear is nothing to really be afraid of but it seems so big it paralyzes us.
MFreire Premium
I love that! Thanks. I will never forget it.
Rich908 Premium
A most talked about subject is Fear - It can hold you back or propel you forward.when you are backed into a corner - All my life I lived in fear - and then made that decision not to live in fear any longer. I am now at that stage where nothing scares me any longer

"Face Your Fear - and unseen forces come to your Aid"
MFreire Premium
You experienced fear in your life like I have for a long time. I wish you all the happiness and success your heart can hold.
BigDaddyFred Premium
Great post! Fear is so paralyzing that it will prevent every decent endeavor from bearing fruit, or at least the full harvest. And of course, fear of success is as dangerous (maybe more dangerous) than fear of failure.
MFreire Premium
Missed you. You are so right. I lived that way for most of my life. I hope the post can help those who read it to possible understand what it took me 30 years to understand. Have a great day.
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
Well said. Thanks for that lovely post. We need to drive fear in the corner and leave him there.
MFreire Premium
So So true. I only want to help people to understand what took me 30 years to learn. Have a great day.