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September 08, 2015
Sorry you'll haven't heard from me in 5 days, but I was undergoing a lot a medical test. I will be back tomorrow - Wednesday
The Universal Intelligence, was so different and still is so different, so alien, to our form of intelligence that it is hard to conceive. I will try to explain it in a way that expresses the overall idea of it.Numbers can explain the Universe. They are the galactic code of the whole Universe. Numbers are a completely separate language. This galactic code is composed of mathematical patterns that all things follow in the Universe. Now putting this aside for a moment we can understand the patte
September 02, 2015
Do you want to know how God works and thinks? How would that alter the way you view everything in life? Maybe you doubt such a thing as God, even exist. Perhaps in doubting you are questioning, and in the end, you still hope to find an answer. You just cannot yet conceive of or understand what that answer might be.If I could know how God works and thinks, it would be an amazing feat don't you think? How can I dare to suggest that, without the use of highly technical equipment, I can explain the
Intuition for most people is partially the 6th sense and partially logical deduction based on experience. It is bridging two ways of thinking like the plane bridges the ground and the sky by moving between them. If our experience in this physical life does not rationally deduce how we would know something intuitively or in any other way then we know there is something more to it. It is a matter of reaching the point where we move beyond just using our brain. The Universe is trying to help us fi
August 27, 2015
I first want to thank you for your overwhelming support and caring for me and my son, Brian. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life. For that I am truly blessed.There are experiences in life that mere words cannot express.The only true way to truly understand them is to directly experience them for yourself.We go along every day without noticing the low whispers of nature, the Universe and God. We have so many opportunities to tap into the wonders of the Universe and what it wants us to
I am sorry you haven't heard from me, but a lot happened in my personal life. I am sick again and today I found out from my son, Brian, who is in the Navy, is being deployed to Saudi Arabia on October, 2015 for 7 months. The Navy has cut back on man power and ships. I only ask that you could include him and his ships in your prayers. I will be back Wednesday. Take care!Your Friend, Marian
I have discussed the Law of Cause & Effect & the Law of Increase. Now I will explain the 11 laws that are known by few. What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton's law of "every action must have a reaction". When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able to eradicate it.This law of cause and effect is not a punishment, but is wh
August 17, 2015
This is one of the most understandable of the laws because we have clear examples of it in nature: AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP.... Each time we plant a garden or see new growth from what were barren fields, we see this law in operation. More important, as we work with nature through this law by planting and harvesting, we experience - in the physical realm - contributions of the Creative Force that enable us to accomplish out goals. As we study and observe what takes place in this growth proc
The first of the laws of cause and effect is "like begets like". It is in itself a master law with 2 sub-laws: the law of increase and the law of attraction. We will consider them after we study "like begets like." One of the most important, basic and helpful of the Universal Laws that is so vital to our lives is the law: "Like Begets Like".This law is basic to our existence. It means "Like Attracts Like". Imagine the chaos that the world would experience as a result of dogs were to beget other
As you 1st begin to work with the Universal Laws of mind and spirit, you will learn how to meet and resolve problems or traumatic conditions that you face.Second, as you come to know these Universal Laws of mind and spirit and effectively apply them, you begin to live so as to create more peace, joy and understanding in your life. Others see the change in you as a result, you become an example to them.Third, you come to realize that the Universal Laws are vital to your life, for you see how they