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September 28, 2015
Hi, I am Marian's husband,Bobby. She has been in the hospital since Friday. Mar wanted to let her followers know what was going on and to say sorry for keeping you all hanging. I will give you updates. Take care,Bobby
September 24, 2015
Typically most forms of meditation are practiced by sitting, with the eyes closed. We shut off our sight. We do not move, so we are not really touching anything other than what we are sitting on. During meditation, we attempt to shut off all of our 5 senses. Because our bodies are designed to collect data they will automatically try to continue gathering information through any available sensory. If the body cannot get anything from our standard 5 senses, it will try to push the 6th sense forwa
September 23, 2015
We Like any Sleeper, I had to forget everything and go through many trails and tribulations before I awoke.Like all those who have served the Force (God) before me, I too know I have a responsibility for making the way easier for those who come after. By figuring out to awaken, I am able to share and show others who come across. I am here to help you set up your conscious, tell you where to direct your consciousness, to receive the best signal and then wait for a moment when you finally connec
Many eastern philosophies and westerners for that matter, believe the pursuit of paranormal powers is a waste of time. They think that psychic abilities are meaningless or, in some cases a negative ego-filled pursuit. Others have gone so far as to say that experiencing paranormal events is a dead-end that holds no merit. When I hear such nonsense, I almost need to hit myself in the head with a board just to make sure I really heard correctly! How can anyone, seriously pursuing that state of enl
September 21, 2015
We cannot see the Sleeper with our eyes, regardless of how hard we try. We cannot feel it with our hands, hear it with our ears, or directly experience it with any of the 5 senses. We could travel the world over and over and still never find it. Many have tried.The Sleeper is Within You!It does not exist within your body. It exist within your being. It exist in a place your 5 senses cannot take you. It is dimensional. The Universe actually needs for you to forget and fall into this deep state o
September 17, 2015
As a Sleeper, you can awaken and connect to your dimensional consciousness, but you have yet to fully realize this potential. You are in a sleep, a sleep that is far from ordinary. What you do not know yet is why. Now you know that some part of your being, the higher self, exist to help arouse you from that sleep. The higher self guides you toward experiences and knowledge that will aid in your awakening.As our journey returns to the point at which we started, we must look more closely at the h
When we die, we recollect the totality of our true self, we become aware of all of our past lives. This in return expands our conscious. We do not become someone different. The identity we have at this very moment, the person reading this blog merges into one consciousness after we die. Our current identity merges into the totality of all that we truly are.It is like reading a novel.We go along with the main character of the book sharing in all of their adventures and experiences. Once we finis
September 11, 2015
I am sure many who read this blog are Catholics and the concept of reincarnation is alien to you. I felt that way to before I started my spiritual journey for answers;that started over 30 years ago. All I hope is for you to stay with me and keep an open mind, until I finish this series and then come to your own conclusions. No decision is right or wrong, because we are all at different phases of our spiritual growth. The essence of our being, our soul, is purely energy and when the body dies i
September 09, 2015
It took me a long time to know my soul, but when I connected with my soul (my Higher Self), I understood why things happened to me! When something happens that is unsettling or painful; it is an experience that will help me grow spiritually.Realize that the most important moment for any of us is the present one. Change is only possible in the present, right now, right here. This is where you begin. When we try to contemplate the awesome of the entire Universe, it is easy to feel small and possi
September 09, 2015
Hi, I'm back. I missed you guys! I hope everyone is doing well. Now I have to wait for the test results.Everybody asks this question almost without fail. I could write the meaning of life on the back of a fortune cookie but the explanation of the answer could take years to unravel and see the truth of it. The Meaning of Life is to Experience!We are energy beings in physical bodies in this dimension to experience what we could not as pure energy. As energy we do not have nasal glands so we can s