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It's been around 2 months since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in April this year. I first heard about the idea of online marketing just a little while back and it was quite astonishing to me. It confused me at first, but when I logged into WA and began the tutorials, making my website, and contributing to the community I learned how much there really is here. I've met good people along the way who have helped me and given me tips on how to run my business. I've created a wonderful website that I ca
May 07, 2015
So, just a few days ago I bought myself a domain from Network Solutions. This was the first time I bought a domain that I will actually use for only myself, and I got it for a great price too! This is a huge moment of my life. In the past I've only had websites without a custom domain link. Now, finally, I'm able to say I bought and own my very first professional website! The process to move the DNS was a breeze, and now I even have webmail. Go WA!
May 05, 2015
I began using WA only a few weeks ago in hopes of beginning a career and investing in an online business. Without any knowledge, I dived into the tutorials and began to develop my website. Over that time, I began to have more trust and confidence in WA and online marketing, so I made the big choice to join into the Premium membership.So far, I'm very happy with the extra features and functionality. I'm now able to ask questions, send private messages, and participate in the Live Chat. Hopefully
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