Page Load Speed

Page Load Speed

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I get a server response time as the primary contributor to page speed. see below. Suggestion Summary Click on the rule names to see suggestions for improvement. ◾Fast server re

I don't think it's alone WA hosting issue, since for example my sites load very fast. There are number of things that can slow a site down.

Lot of plugins is the main one. If you have 10+ plugins it might start to slow the whole site. Also some plugins might be faulty and do the same.

Large images can slow page down, make sure the images are the size you want them to be shown, not just scaled down.

etc.etc. I'd start by checking the amount of plugins.

The suggestion you've received are general things to speed up any site.

You can also check page speeds from Europe and USA by using Pingdom:

how do you size images without just scaling them. You mean using something like adobe first and give the image a specific dimension before uploading to wordpress?

With scaling I ment by percentages in wordpress. I does nothing to the size of the image. If you scale down like that, there will be excessive size of the image.

It's better to resize the image in gimp or photoshop and afterwards you can optimize the image by using something like smushit.

But as said, images are just part of the issue, if the slowness is in response time. That the browser "waits" for quite long before it actually starts loading the page. It usually means some php function takes long time to run or there's a query from database that takes a long time. Then I'd try to find the culprit from plugins.

Of course if you do have a LOT of traffic, it might slow down the site. Not sure if that's the case. :)

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New Site for Existing URL

New Site for Existing URL

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What are the steps to build a new website for an existing URL? The site is currently hosted on godaddy and I want to build a new site, hosted on WA but using the same URL

Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments but my question was more about building a new site to replace an existing site and still use the same URL. Changing name servers is simply enough. Hosting at WA works fine for me

Yeah, we kind of got off on a different tangent. My apologies. The important thing is that your question got answered. I hope that my original answer (at the very bottom now) was what you were looking for and that you were able to accomplish what you were looking to get accomplished.

You do realize you have more freedom with what you can do with your site on godaddy right? You will have limits here you don't have with godaddy.

@BigJim1469 - That makes me curious. My site isn't hosted here at WA, so I'm unfamiliar with what kinds of restrictions there might be here as compared to hosting elsewhere.
Either way, if he points his current domain name towards a site he builds here at WA, that isn't permanent. He can always change his DNS settings again later if he changes his mind.

@PCW78 That is very true easy to change DNS settings and I don't think it's to hard to move your content to another host if it's not a real complex site.
My site is not hosted here at WA either, but I have seen several lengthy conversations going on in chat with people trying to find workarounds because they don't have access to certain databases, etc.

I really do doubt that these limits would affect most people here at all. The people that was having problems was trying to do things much more advanced than the majority of people would want or need to do.
However since he already had his site hosted elsewhere I thought it was worth mentioning.

After seeing the post Kyle made on the 6th: "All WP Zon Builder Websites are getting disabled!"
They were causing server problems so he had a good reason!
But it is another restriction if you host here and already had me wondering about how many restrictions there are if you host with WA?

@BigJim1469 - I just read through the whole thread regarding the WP Zon Builder sites being disabled. I totally understand why Kyle/WA chose to disable them, but indeed there was some controversy. Certain restrictions are absolutely warranted, but you're right - it is still a restriction, nonetheless, so it sets a precedent for other restrictions.

This might shine some light on this for you....

On left side of the page, you will see Websites & Hosting under Tools & Services. Click on Websites & Hosting, then on the right side of the page you will see a box entitled Domain Name Settings. Click on "Setting Up Your Domain DNS" and that training should walk you through pointing your existing domain towards WA hosting.
I would've just given you the direct link, but I'm not premium at the moment and only premium members are allowed to post links.

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