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January 13, 2019
Coming From a Tech Background, You'd Think I'd Spot the Cause of My Issue SoonerHello everyone, This is going to be a short and sweet post.I've been neglecting my WA promotion site while I work on my ranking here in WA and on my existing drone site. Today I went in to start adding more content to my WA promotion site and happened to notice that my site was not displaying correctly in several browsers. It would display just fine in Firefox but in Safari, Chrome and Edge, not so much.I look
Finally! Thank you WA!I finally hit it. Yes, it was a goal set for the end of 2018 but for some reason I was stuck in the 30's forever.When I started here in WA back in late March of 2018, helping others was not even on my radar. I came to make money plain and simple. It was only after a month or so that I found I was actually pretty good at it and even enjoyed it. That's when I set the goal to be an ambassador by year's end.Sadly, I didn't hit that goal and extended it to the end of Janua
I'm Building My WA Promotion Site and the Bonus I'm Offering is My Help to Those Who Have Signed Up Under MeTo that end, I'm looking for testimonials, from people I've helped here at WA, that I can use on my new site.This can be from anyone I've helped. From answering a simple question to those I've done remote sessions with and walked them through an issue.If you're willing to help (and I actually helped you in the past - I just want true testimonials), please message me with the following:1)
In the Beginning...Well, I joined WA back in late March of 2018, not really knowing what was involved or if I found yet another scam. I guess I was swept off my feet because on day 3 I went premium, the worry of WA being a scam was long gone.I wanted to go annual but just didn't have the money to do so so I stuck it out at $49 per month for a couple of months until I was able to upgrade for the savings. Fast-forward to Black Friday and I tacked on another $299 to lock in the savings and an ad
December 15, 2018
I’m finally getting around to creating my WA promotion site now that I’ve gone through the affiliate marketing process and verified it works.I have 2 requests:I have the site main page pretty much worked out. I know the icons and images need to change, these are just the defaults that came with the theme. Also, most links don’t work as the content is still under development. With that in mind, please take a moment to look at the main page and comment on the following:What y
I just received a comment rejection for the following reason:Disapproval Reason: I have already acquired the requested number of comments. I received 10 and chose 6 for approval. Thank you for submittingIt’s my understanding that you use 2 credits per the number of comments you request and that’s it. Now, with the new system, you may actually receive more comments than you requested. Those comments don’t cost you any more.Based on this rejection reason, I’m wondering i
I just wanted to say, not only is this post 4 hours old but it’s my first one in spot one on page one! I’m very excited. I know it’s subjective, as this is when I search for “DJI Major Security Flaw” but, if I just search for “DJI Security Flaw”, I end up on page three.Still, it’s exciting!
This is a short post but I wanted to let everyone know they're missing something important in getting that back-and-forth dialogue going with their site visitors. This issue actually came to my attention when talking about the Site Comments tool and I didn't go back and check, but I don't recall it being discussed in any of the training I went through when I started here at WA.The ProblemDid you know that when someone leaves a comment, by default, that's it, there's no notification to them tha
What I’m doingIm leaving comments, yes comments and not feedback. I’m leaving, what I think are, quality comments, related to the topic in question. My comments are being accepted (except for one). What I’m not getting is any kind of notification when my comment is responded to. My QuestionsDo I need to sign in somewhere?Is there an option I need to enable?Do I simply have to visit the posts now and then to see if there’s a response? If so that’s going to “su
I recently helped out a fellow WA member with creating a table of contents for a post she was writing. It occurred to me that creating this blog post might help others with the same issue.There are many tutorials on how to create links to different areas within the same post or page or even to specific spots in other posts or pages. This one is another such tutorial but with little tweaks here and there that might make it easier for the technically challenged. I hope you find this useful.Why