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Newbie TipsThis isn't a traditional post from me but rather a jump-off point to various helpful posts of mine and others that I think will help many out there, new and seasoned. I'll try to group them as best I can but do yourself a favor and check them out. You're bound to find something useful...Tour and AccessWA is a great platform. That said, it has a lot to offer and finding everything and knowing what you do and don't have access to can be a daunting task. Here's two posts to help you
One of the most common topics I see in Live Chat is where to find quality free images for use on our website(s). Short of the "How does this work?", "Is WA Legit?" or "How do I build my website?", this one seems to be the most common question.I actually wrote a post on my WA promotion site titled "Free Stock Images for Websites | 5 Great Resources and 6 Alternatives For Your Articles", which I will be borrowing heavily from here.I hope this post helps you find the images you're looking for and
Let's Talk FunnelsSo, I have a couple of sites now and they're doing OK but I want to do more. I've been looking at funnels lately (mainly because of the bombardment of advertisements for ClickFunnels, Funnel University, the One Funnel Away Challenge and whatever else Russel Brunson is pushing these days and this post I came across on WA: Man are these programs expensive!Then
Hot or Cold, Aggressive or Passive, Short Term or Long TermSo, I wasn't planning to write this post until I saw this post: the comment thread got me thinking. What's best for my end game? Am I better off coming in hot, being aggressive and going for the short term results or should I come in cooler, be a bit passive and shoot for the long run? Are they eve
OMG, Talk About Frustrating...Well, I finally did it. I got two keyword lists, one for each of my sites, populated with great keywords! It took me quite some time, adding words here and there, taking time to revisit them and change a word here and there, using alphabet soup, trying to whittle them down to truly great options. I'd say, all-in-all, it took me a good month to get 20 top-notch keywords between the two lists.I felt pretty good about my choices. The next step, migrating the keywo
Not Much Going On At The Moment, Still Here's An UpdateHello everyone and happy Memorial Day! Although I've been busy, I don't have anything new to really talk about. I've been pushing along in the SAC, organizing and streamlining my workflow, trying to maintain the house and yard, you know, the usual.SACI have to say, this month's SAC course is gold! I never considered compartmentalizing the process. By simply changing how I approach my posts, I am saving a ton of time and effort. No l
Don't Let the Distractions Keep You From Your GoalsLife happens. Maybe you've had a bad day at work. Maybe your children are fighting. Maybe you have an annoying family member requiring all of your free time. If you want to be successful, you have to make the time and keep working toward your goals.I decided to write this post because this past week for me pretty much hit all the maybe's I listed above, and then some...A Brief History of Major Distraction Number One:My husband and I removed
As Promised, WA Continues to Add New Features and Improve the Existing Ones!If you promote WA at all, you probably know about messages. Basically they're autoresponder setups that will send a canned message based on various triggers to your referrals. You might have a simple automated welcome message that's sent 30 minutes after someone joins, following your link.That's great but the old setup only had something like 6 or so messages to be sent and really cut that in half because some were ge
Presenting a United Front to New MembersLet's face it, at one time or another everyone here will be fielding questions from newcomers to the platform. That's not a bad thing. The true secret sauce to WA is the community. The training is great; the hosting, top-notch but it's the community where WA really shines and offering that warm response to those who are new to the experience only makes it better.When someone new joins the fold, chances are they're looking for direction. Much of the ti
April 29, 2019
Just a Quick Status UpdateI just wanted to stop in and say hello.I used to spend 4+ hours a day in Live Chat just hanging around and helping others out. With the SAC going on, a lot of my time is now spent on research, training and writing posts for my 2 sites. In hindsight, this is probably how it should have been the whole time.Researching keywords and writing 6 posts (1 here, 3 for my WA promotion site and 2 for my drone site) a week is a lot for me so it consumes most of my WA time.In kee