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August 26, 2019
Do as I say, not as I do...I know how it works. I tell others how-to do it and I try to hold myself accountable... I failed this last week.So, I ended up taking a last minute (literally 3 days notice) trip to Alaska. Staying at a friend's fish camp, going fishing, hanging out, etc.Normally, I'd prepare ahead of time and get some articles scheduled up to automatically post while I'm away and so on. I didn't do that this time.Sure, I can blame the last minute planning and say I didn't have th
August 19, 2019
So I Got a Little Lazy...If you've been reading my posts here on WA, you know that I've been touting the great things I've been learning as I go through the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC). Don't get me wrong, these things are still great, the danger is a little procrastination creeping in...Last week, I pushed some tasks off thinking "no big deal, I can just do it later in the week because I'm doing so well with my time management". Sadly, things came up, as they usually do, and I found that
Latest UpdateHello everyone, This week's post is just going to be a general update as to what I've been doing and what's in store.EfficiencyWritingAs some of you probably know, I've been working on the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC) and getting some great tips on efficiency, etc. I'm now able to write a lot more content in much less time, allowing me to get more done. I was even able to write and schedule posts for when I was away camping last week.The exciting part wasn't that I could s
This is going to be a short one...Has anyone else noticed new buttons at the bottom of posts and trainings? I just did.It looks like WA is adding buttons to make both navigation and asking questions easier, especially for newbies.There's a new button for asking questions and one to zoom back up to the top. What's even more interesting is it appears that they are context aware (i.e. the question button only shows up on trainings but the top button shows up on all post types).Check out these sc
What do you think?So, I've been looking at replacing my theme because of the site speed issues and I bought GeneratePress and have been playing around with it today.Just for kicks I used Elementor to try to replicate, as close as I could, my main page. Because I'm using the free version of Elementor I know the image slider doesn't have the text over the images and that kept me from overlapping the 3 boxes, etc. but I think I came close and wanted to know what you guys thought.I also made a few
Social Media Plugins, Features and Site SpeedSo, I finally got around to tweaking my sites a bit more and trying to find tune them for speed. In the process I was testing various social sharing plugins and discovered that the one recommended by many here, Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media), was tanking my mobile site speed numbers and even putting a decent hit on my desktop speed too. And that's on two separate websites! I'll provide screenshots of my site speed tests for j
July 29, 2019
Know Your AudienceLast week, I tossed up an article about an online bank that's offering a $50 bonus if you sign up with them and deposit $100 within 14 days. This promotion is going on through August 5th. I was already a member of that bank because I liked the 2.25% APR they give me on my balances, no fees, and I do all of my banking online anyway so I don't need to use a brick and mortar entity.As such, I knew this bank was legit and the offer was amazing. Who wouldn't want to make a 50% p
July 22, 2019
It Really Is Nice to Be Ahead... I've been with WA now for a little over a year and up until recently, I've been busy each day, researching keywords, writing content, sharing on social media, checking out various plugins and so on. When you break it down, it really is time-consuming.I used to do this every day:Find my topic keywordWrite my titleBuild the post framework (break my post down into 5 or more supporting sub-topics and make those my headings)Write my contentFind images to support my
There's no shortage of social media sharing plugins available. Many are meant to allow your visitors to share your pages and posts on their timelines, boards and so on. Others might provide additional information such as number of times shared, etc.Today, I'm sharing a plugin designed to help your, the content creator, share your pages and posts to various social media platforms automatically and help your save precious time that can be better spent creating more content.I hope your find this
July 08, 2019
Simple UpdateLast week was uneventful (other than it being Independence Day). It was a short week, as far as work went and all-in all I got a lot accomplished on the WA front.5 articles posted; 4 shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo and LInkedIn; 15 site comments left; 25 people helped/questions answered and 1 WA article (not my own) shared on Facebook.Normally I wouldn't be able to keep track of all of this, let alone accomplish it but, since joining the 2019 SAC, I've bee