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It's Another Week - Here's My Recap of Last WeekIn a nutshell, at least business-wise, it was a failure...Goals:Share one WA post on Facebook - Check.Write one post on WA - Check.Pop into Live Chat and help at least 5 people per day (30 for the week). This includes answering unanswered questions. - Partial Completion.Publish one article per site (a total of two). - Scheduled for Wednesday and Friday.Research two keywords per site (a total of 4). - Complete Failure.Leave six site comments per da
Wanna Know How I Fared Last Week?So, my goals were ambitious, yet less so with the lowered post count. Still, I managed to hit them all with the exception of Site Comments, again...So that means:Share one WA post on Facebook - Check.Write one post on WA - Check.Pop into Live Chat and help at least 5 people per day (30 for the week). This includes answering unanswered questions. - Check.Publish one article per site (a total of two). - Check, although my second one didn't get posted until last n
Weekly Update and Accountability ReportWell, as some of you may know, my weekly blog post here at WA has turned into a what did I do last week and what's in store this week report...I've decided to do this, not only to let you know what I'm up to but, to help keep me accountable and not just let things slide. So far, it's worked great and I'm even helping a few others to keep on track (assuming they post their goals in the comments below).So, How Did I Do Last Week?Actually not too bad...I met
October 21, 2019
What Can I Say? Life Happens...So last week, was OK for me goal-wise. I hit all of them with the exception of the 8 posts I wanted to do. This was not unexpected as I figured I'd only get to a couple of my back-logged posts this week.Life has been busy. We spent much of the week getting our ducks in a row for court and dealing with unpleasant family issues. To sum it up, my brother-in-law has been verbally and financially abusing my mother-in-law. He's the kind of person that believes eve
ProcrastinationNot to "toot my own horn" but I excel at many things. Math, IT skills, sailing, SCUBA diving, etc. but there's one thing I've become a pro at and that's Procrastinating. It's a skill I picked up early in life when it came to studying, homework, doing my chores and the like.Over the years, I've relied upon it to let me do what I want to do now (most of the time which is nothing) and put the work off until later. Sounds great and makes sense right?Well it's all fun and games unt
Hello Everyone!It's Monday! Normally I'd be more like "it's Monday, ugh", but seeing as we have a new lesson for the SAC that was released Friday, I'm feeling a bit more motivated to start the week.RecapLast week was pretty easy. I was able to keep up with my goals and got everything done:Help People on WA Daily - CheckKeyword Research - CheckPublish Articles - CheckLeave a lot of Site Comments - CheckShare to Social Media - CheckKeep My WA Peeps Up-to-date - CheckCreate Lesson 2 of my Elemen
October 01, 2019
I Just Had To Share ThisI have a few hobbies and I've been toying around with various domain names for each one, anticipating that I'll make affiliate marketing sites for each.Way back when, I used to work for an ISP and I had registered my name,, and a domain for my SCUBA hobby, never did anything with them and eventually let them go, as I figured they were a waste of money. Keep in mind that this was well before WA even existed.Now I'm kicking myself because
September 23, 2019
Just a Quick Check-InHello everyone, Last week was a busy one for me. I actually only got two posts written but they required a bit of research and me setting up accounts and testing things out. I started getting involved in crowdfunding and angel investing. It's quite exciting.Because all that took so much of my time, I did not get to the second training in my Elementor series so that's on the plate for this week.All-in-all, I still count it as a productive week and I actually enjoyed r
September 16, 2019
Well It's Time For My Monday WA PostNot much happened last week. Just getting things together, started investing in some startups via Angel Investing and followed my usual WA to-do calendar.That said, I was surprised to see that no one liked or commented on my Elementor training. I figured at least a few people would as there was interest in me creating a training showing how I rebuilt my premium pay-for theme using GeneratePress and Elementor.If, by chance, you were one of the people interes
It's Been A While Since I've Done A Training Here on WA...So, some of you may have taken advantage of some of the trainings I've created in the past. My email ones seems to be liked a lot. That said, It's been some time since I've created one and recent activity has sparked my interest in doing so again.Just recently I received a notification that I earned a little more money from one of my email trainings and also helped another member with questions regarding Elementor. I figured with me t