Getting Indexed In Google - Don’t Stress

Last Update: June 01, 2018

Getting indexed in Google is a big thing for all of us here at WA. Whether it is your site or your individual posts. We stress when it isn’t happening and celebrate when it does.

For anyone in the stress stage, stop stressing it will all happen eventually. Obviously getting your site indexed is the first step but getting individual posts indexed is another matter.

Sometimes despite doing all of the right things some posts just somehow get missed. Well the good news is that it doesn’t mean forever.

I have recently been getting my new posts indexed by Google within 24 hours of them being published. However old posts have remained un indexed, despite Re entering them into Google Fetch and checking all was well with them.

Today I had 11 messages from WA saying congratulations your post has been indexed by Google. I thought this must be a glitch in WA but No. Eleven of my old posts had simply been indexed, presumably through their crawl of my site.

This shows you that it in the last month, despite only publishing 10 posts, 21 had been indexed. It also shows you that I am a little behind on my Swag Goals but the next 6 will definitely be published.... honest !

You can see I completed the last 3 months so I will not fail this month. Oh my! I am so competitive, I am even competing with myself... LoL

So if you are stressing about not getting indexed by Google for your posts... don’t panic. Keep on applying the WA training and eventually Google will sit up and take notice of you.

With Grace and Gratitude


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elores Premium
This will motivate me to work hard and keep on going.
All the best to you.
Memorylaneuk Premium
No problem, just keep on following the training.
TedP Premium
Thanks for the post, it is nice to have the timing it takes being reinforced and congrats on your post indexing.
Memorylaneuk Premium
Thank you Ted
WendaSue Premium
Thanks Karen. This encourages me so much. I've had one post that I wrote a month ago and it is still not indexed. Everything else is. Even the last one I wrote. It was indexed in a little less than 24 hours. I've been so worried about the one that isn't indexed yet, that I can hardly celebrate the ones that are.
You have given me hope.
Thanks again,
Memorylaneuk Premium
Some of these posts were written months ago. I guess Google is just too busy to do everything
heljam404A Premium
Thanks for the encouragement.
Debbie14 Premium
Thank you for the encouragement. We will press on.