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Last Update: Mar 29, 2023

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Hi Everyone,

Life is interesting. I can say that much. :-)

It's a 6 full months since I have been ill. Some days not so bad, some days not so good.

My latest challenge started Monday morning with a Vertigo attack. For me, that's when the world starts spinning when I try to get out of bed and shortly after I am almost always sure to vomit so this week I have been chillaxing along with doing Vertigo research which has helped me get a better handle on this.

Today I was doing much better, but I am not willing to bet that I am out of the woods just yet.

Wen & Melissa Jeane have bad colds so we are getting plenty of family time.

I read some and do a lot of thinking about life.

Melissa Jeane is my attending Physician and you can see she needed to apply bandaids. ;-)

Wen & I have dealt with some serious relationship issues and we are on a much better side of that. Hope it continues.

My whole philosophy of life has changed, but I won't go into that here.

Melissa Jeane is a constant joy and continually amazes me how much she continues to learn. We make a great team.

What's better than having a swimming pool near by?

Having an Ocean near by!

Melissa Jeane was able to spend time with her cousin on Wen's side visiting from the USA.

I apologize for being extremely slow in getting back to people for assistance requested. Its taking me a long time to get back to 100%.

Well I guess that's it for now.

Keep on keeping on!

To Our Success!

Mel Waller & Family

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Hello, Mel.
I'm sorry it's taking a long time to recover.
What is the reason for Vertigo?
My son also has occasional Vertigo.
The reason is Syncope. At least that's what the doctors say. Pressure changes.
His body requires a lot of salt, for balance.

I wish you a speedy recovery and enjoy being with your family.

💋 for Melissa Jeane

Slavka 👋

Thanks for sharing Slavka. I don't have an exact reason since I don't go to doctors. Everything I have read points to BPPV and its in my right ear inner canal. It seems to have corrected itself now. I see there are a number of different reasons people can get Vertigo.

Doc Mel

Hi, Mel.
Yes, I know about that reason, too.
If the crystals move in the middle ear.
I know a drug regulates it in two or three months.
My advice is to check with your doctor and get adequate treatment so that you do not bother anymore.
Do it for Melissa Jean and more joyful moments, which you may be skipping.
I'm sorry I wrote too openly.

Slavka 🖐🏼

Slavka, there is a Epley maneuver which can correct it in less than a week. I did not do that though. I simply avoided movement on my right side always sleeping on my left, etc... :-)


All right, Mel.
Be well.

Slavka 🖐🏼

Slavka, I do appreciate your concern and suggestions. :-)



My partner experiences bouts of vertigo since her childhood. Dramamine seems to help her usually when she is hit with it. Perhaps it can aid you as well?

Although I can see from all the bandages you were well taken care of.

No apologies necessary for focusing on yourself. You've got to take care of you before you can think of others.

Glad things seem to be getting back to a more normal.



Thanks for sharing Jason! Sorry to hear she has to deal with this.


It looks like you lost at cards Meloi.
Pleased your relationship issues are on the mend, it can be strange at times when married into a different culture. Lol. Never a dull moment though.
Good to hear from you again at WA. Are you still doing your Amazon books…

I will be at some point Steve Oi. I haven't worked in months not that I am complaining about that either. :-)


My husband suffered from Vertigo during the pandemic.
It was difficult for him to do anything around the house and driving.
However, he has recovered naturally by doing some exercise. He had to sleep in certain ways. That helped the orientation of the ear in certain ways so the stones! inside the ear get settled and that helped cure vertigo.
I wish you a speedy recovery. May God bless you.

Thanks for sharing Anusuya! Yes, its affected my right ear. Slow and steady she goes.


Nice to hear from you as always, Mel. Life is always throwing us curve balls indeed. I hope that your health is restored soon. Vertigo is so unpleasant to deal with. I have several people in my family struck with it as well. But you are in good hands, that is obvious! Dr. Melissa Jeane will make everything better.

Take good care of yourself,
Susan :-)

Thanks Susan! She is the most caring Dr I have ever had. :-)


Great to hear from you again Mel, but sorry to learn you are still not 100% after all this time...

Your attending Physician seems to be taking fantastic care of you though!

But what is better than having an ocean nearby??

Having an oceanside barbie next to the ocean!!

Take care my friend and catch up again soon ok! :-) 🥭

Thanks Nick!


You're most welcome Mel! :-)

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