Success In 2021 - Day 52 February Youtube Results

Last Update: February 28, 2021

Welcome Everyone to Day 52!

Its the end of Feb 28th for me here as I am about a week behind on my daily posts.

I thought I would summarize my efforts on Youtube to date.

My end of Jan update can be found here:



28 Videos released in Feb 2021. Total lifetime videos 79 includes a couple of private videos.

Still maintaining my daily 1+ video add to Youtube. Happy about that.


440 Views in Feb 2021. Total lifetime views 2,727. Less than Jan.


4 New Subscribers in Feb 2021, but 2 unsubscribed. Total Current lifetime subscribers 54. At least there is continued progress.

Most Watched Video

14 New Subscribers came from just one video. 1,404 Views! This was a video in Jan and the view count is 117 more than Jan and AFTER the event ended.

This video was for a live event which has now EXPIRED. No affiliate link for the event, but in my Youtube descriptions, I promote a number of products/services and my Social Media Links.

2nd most watched Video was 418 Views with 86 more views coming in Feb and also one confirmed subscriber because of that video which dealt with being a Virtual Babysitter which was made necessary by the pandemic..

Most videos just get a few views a day. BUT I have learned a lot from how people reacted.

IMPRESSIONS in 2021. Where Youtube suggest my videos to others.

25,000 Impressions with a Click Thru Rate of 5.1%.

2400 views with 1,800 unique views.


66 lifetime Watch Hours Average View Duration 1:05

Viewed From:

United States 29.0%

United Kingdom 6.1%

Canada 3.6%

Philippines 0.8%

Ukraine 0.7%


Views · 2021

Female 61.3%

Male 38.7%

I hope you found this useful!

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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Christorv Premium Plus
I am glad that I promised to tag along earlier this year- I am also moving along to launching another site- Day 60 it is, let the year be good for both of us, Mel.

To Success and sunshine in our pockets and lives' 😎🌞
MelWaller Premium
I'll drink to that Chris!

lesabre Premium
Hi Mel, looks like you are really doing good.

Congratulations and continued success,

MelWaller Premium
Thanks Michael!

RosanaHart Premium Plus
I like reading your stats!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Rosana!

I am too. I have not been big on analytics, but I am learning from my Youtube stats.

jd500 Premium
Good job! I have mine ready to publish, but I put it on hold. I got cold feet.
MelWaller Premium
Put some socks on Judith. ;-)

Just do it. Any fear or doubt you have is just an illusion and can become a habit so break it and move forward.

jd500 Premium
Thanks, Mell. I am trying to perfecting the youtube craft. I don't want any violation.
Ann123456 Premium
Success only comes with hard work, many hours, many years, many failures. It's never easy, that is why it's so special. Well done.
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Ann!