Slow, But Steady I Go

Last Update: Aug 14, 2022

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(Cover Photo: Front View of a Tortoise)

Aloha Everyone!

I'm finding my new rhythm and its a slow, but steady pace with plenty of time to just chillax.

Whereas years before I could tackle many challenge head on at once, I can not deal with the stress of that now. The mental / emotional stress gets to be just too much for me and the only solution that seems to work is to take everything slowly.

Sometimes I wait until the morning starts to semi-plan my day. If Wen wants to do something as a family then I need to know a day in advance and then see how I feel in the morning.

My day now I try to break up into many different tasks if I feel up to doing a lot of work. Before I would have just focused on one thing and kept going no matter what. That doesn't seem to be a healthy or productive model for me now.

I give more time for family each day.

My work I am still trying to sort out exactly what I want to be doing. I have plenty of options at hand, but what do I really want to do? What would be the most satisfying work to do?

I'm not concerned about making the big bucks any more so its more about what satisfies me on the inside.

I've always wanted to "save the world". I finally accept that I can't save the world all by myself.

I certainly have helped a few along the way and I am proud of that and I hope I can help a few more in this life. I just need to slow the pace down.

Last night as a family we checked out a local fiesta. Not much happening yet when we visited there. An image of Melissa Jeane and I below.

So I am just trying to squeeze more quality out of life each day as best I can.

Trying to be a better Husband and Father and Friend to others.

I finally received my new US Passport good for another 10 years.

Next its time to work on trying to get US Citizenship for Melissa Jeane. Slowly working on that.

All is well. We are all healthy again and life is good.

Have a great week ahead!

To Our Success!

Recent Comments


Going at your own optimum pace is much better Mel, than overdoing it to the point where your body manifests illness to make you slow down.
Plus the whole point of doing it is for your family and if you don't have enough time for them in your day it becomes rather pointless. Its all about balance and enjoying what you do.
Glad you are all well.

Thanks for sharing Linda!


As we grow older (and wiser) we begin to sort out what is the best part of our life and we also find that we can be productive while keeping a steady pace.
You have found the best part- being the best husband, the best father and the best friend that you can be. To be healthy and finding that life is good is a total blessing in this life- the rest will come.
Remember, the tortoise got to his destination in due time--his time.

Also note that the tortoise outlives most animals by quite a few years.

Thanks for sharing Barbara!


I find slow and steady to be me these days, as I venture into a new world pretty much foreign to me!
I have helped a lot of people and still is! And this time, I want to thread a new path, help myself, and continue to help other people! Enjoy the beautiful day!

Thanks for sharing Maria!


Interesting. I just posted a blog on the difficulty I have had accepting that I have to slow down and pace myself, so I enjoyed reading this.
Sounds as if you have become realistic about your goals and capabilities. and are doing well adjusting. And focusing on family is awesome.
Good luck and happiness in all you do!

Thank you Keith!


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