More Powerful Than The Law Of Attraction

Last Update: June 07, 2019

Throughout my life, I had worked to come to terms with my past. I was verbally and emotionally bullied in Grades 3 -12. My father could be verbally and emotionally abusive as an alcoholic. My self-esteem was non-existent. My self-love... what self-love?

3 years after I graduated high school, I felt like an absolute failure and I became depressed and I wanted to end my life. What was the point of going on?

I was trapped in what I can only describe as a black abyss. I could not find my way out. Life seemed darker with each passing day. I knew how I would end my life so it would look like an accident.

Then one day, I was imagining that I was at my own funeral from the perspective of looking up from my grave as my family in tears was gathered around paying their last respects and it shook me to my core!

I can't possibly cause them that pain. Not the ones who do love me!

It was like waking up from a nightmare. The abyss was gone. I was free!

Life went on.

The not so secret film and book, The Secret were released in 2006.

I say not so secret because that information first appeared in the 1880s and was well written about in the early 1900's.

What is the Law of Attraction?

According to Wikipedia, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life.

I've read those early books and I have reprinted many of them as well. So that is how I came to learn about LOA Law of Attraction.

In 2010, I started training to become a Life Coach and I found myself using all the knowledge and skills to heal my past and present wounds. I found compassion for those who had caused me to suffer so. More important than that, I finally learned how to love myself unconditionally. What amazing changes were taking place within me.

Fast forward to today and I no longer believe in LOA. I believe in something more powerful than that.

I do not need to attract Love, because I AM LOVE.

I do not need to attract Abundance, because I AM ABUNDANCE.

I do not need to attract Life, because I AM LIFE.

I do not need to attract Happiness, because I AM HAPPINESS.

We have unlimited capacity with all of this. So we don't need to look OUT THERE for what is already INSIDE of us.

Why don't we see it? We don't see it, because we get all wrapped up in being a vulnerable human being surrounded by an often not so friendly universe.

The reality (in my opinion) is that we are Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience and we have forgotten our true essence.

NOTE: I am not trying to make this about religion, but a belief system that better serves me and empowers me to be the best that I can be, to serve others with compassion and love unconditionally. We are all One. We are all the same Race, the Human Race.

With that kind of mindset, I do not need to doubt what my results will be following Wealthy Affiliates specific, how to training to build our successful businesses and you don't need to doubt either. Ignore that voice in your head. It really lacks any authority at all so why listen to it?

If you knew without a shadow of doubt that in the future you would have the successful outcome that you desire if only you did the necessary work first, would you hesitate to get started or to keep going? I think not!

For me, it's not even about the $$$. It's about the lives that I can touch and how that will impact others and how my Love will continue to ripple through space and time forever!

Pretty powerful stuff! Or you can just put me in my padded cell now. hahahaha

We fear success, because we don't believe in ourselves.

We fear finding love, because we don't love ourselves, but WE ARE LOVE!

I know I should write a book some day. There is too much to put into a blog post, but I believe it with all my being.

Find that greatness that is within YOU!

Nothing can stop you from achieving your smallest to the greatest dreams, but you! Set yourself free. Start loving yourself unconditionally and without judgment.

I hope you can understand the message I am trying to convey here and I hope it inspires you to be your best self and may you find Success in EVERY area of your Life including Wealthy Affiliate.

To Your Success!


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MichalB Premium
Love it Mel,

Thank You!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Mike!

N33 Premium
Thank you, Mel, you haven't happened to read my blog from yesterday, , WE ARE..., and it is our job to honor that what we really are and to teach that to our children.

Happy little one, who has such a father.

To your family!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Anne!

I'll take a look.

DBlanchard Premium
Just in time! I needed that boost this morning! I read about the LOA all the time, listen to seminars from people like Earl Nightingale and his pupil Bob Proctor, but I always seem to get into a cycle: I feel good, then better and then all of a sudden, I get down for no particular reason.

I try and stay positive but life's always throwing curve balls.

I really like the way you explained your way of seeing things: I AM!! It really is that simple if you really get to the bottom of the whole theory!

Thanks for sharing, you have "touched" my life today! 🙂
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Denis!

I appreciate the feedback!

Swangirl Premium
Thanks Mel. I really love this post. It is inspiring and encouraging. The Law of Attraction never seems to work exactly as it is supposed to for me anyway. I know we need to be positive in order to see/find opportunities in life so I know a positive attitude is imperative for success. I think things go right for people who are positive because their mind is looking for those opportunities not because the universe drops whatever they want in their lap.

It is nice to see another perspective on LOA (or beyond) here.
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Jessica!

BrewHappy Premium
Interesting article on why you don't need Law of Attraction.

You are the magic itself:)

Good day!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Chua!