Its Time To Fire My Boss AGAIN!

Last Update: March 30, 2021

Welcome Everyone!

Yes, sadly or I should actually say happily, its Time to Fire My Boss Again!

My Boss is OK with that.

My Boss thinks its been long overdue!

I have worked for myself a good part of my life and one of the reasons is that I was rarely happy working for someone else.

It might start out great, but eventually it was time to move on to something else.

When we start our own business, it has a lot to do with Freedom. A least for me it did.

My businesses allow me a certain amount of freedom now.

If I took 3 months off from my work and did nothing, I would still be earning my passive income each month.


But that is mostly coming from my book publishing business.

My Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing businesses would come to a screeching halt if I were not working on them.

Nothing more would get done on them.

So with those businesses, I have become the hard driving, relentless Boss that I sought to get rid of in the past.

That stops NOW.

I'm Fired! hahahahaha

One of my strengths is I am unstoppable in building my business(es).

My main weakness is being unable to delegate parts of my work to others. I rarely have ever given tasks to others.

I'm a do it all kind of guy.

I clearly need a better system.

I clearly will need a team even beyond VA, Virtual Assistants.

I want to automate my work as much as possible.

That is when I will be able to scale up faster than ever before.

I just have to let go of wanting to do it all.

This is my next great business adventure. :-)

Are you running a business or is the business running you?

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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Dadaz123 Premium
In one-man concerns, the business ends up owning you. Not the other way round. The freedom you are seeking becomes a mirage
MelWaller Premium
Its possible with help and systems in place to move more into a managerial or off hands owner, but it will take time that will be well worth it to make the transition. Thanks for sharing Dada!

Anne056 Premium
helpful advice! Thank you :)
MelWaller Premium
You are most welcome Anne!

Jeff118 Premium
There does come a time for some people that they need HELP, but many of us want to do everything me

MelWaller Premium
Yes, a habit that I need to break, Jeff.

Only1Hugh Premium
Yeah Mel I have the same problem. I too recognize that I need to automate and delegate. But it is so hard to find the right system and more so people. Fortunately, I am seeing glimmers in both areas.
MelWaller Premium
That's great to hear Hugh! Best wishes!

lucbizz Premium
Yes, this is a hard nut to crack for me too, doing everything myself at the moment ,or outsource it but that comes with a price tag.
MelWaller Premium

Another way to look at it is... not outsourcing comes with a price tag also. :-)