It's Easy To Become A WA Ambassador

Last Update: July 07, 2021

Hi Everyone!

When I first joined WA and saw my rank improving, I made it a goal to become a WA Ambassador.

It's not that difficult at all.

But before I explain what I have done to become an Ambassador since this is my 5th and last time doing so, you need to ask yourself at least one question.

Does putting in the time to achieve this help your business or hurt it?

What are your real motives for becoming an Ambassador?

Are you serving the community or your Ego?

This will not be all inclusive as to how to become an Ambassador.

Our WA rank is based on activity within Wealthy Affiliate.

Activity such as:

Creating WA blog posts such as this one.

Creating WA training.

Liking posts and comments.

Replying to posts and comments.

Following members.

Welcoming new members.

Commenting on new member goals.

Using WA private messages.

Engage in WA Live Chat.

My strategy has been simple.

I like to write posts and help the community so I have been posting 3 WA blog posts a day.

I will go through each day and like as many posts as possible.

If a post interests me, I will comment on the post and like all the comments in the post.

If it looks like a new member posted, I will congratulate them on their 1st WA blog post.

I will follow around 200 members a day.

Sometimes more. hahaha That's why you see I am following 544,833 friends. :-)

I learn a lot from reading people's profiles.

I would estimate I can take about 2 hours a day to do this.

If I am not trying to be an Ambassador, then I am only commenting on posts that interest me.

Pretty simple.

Can you afford to take that time away from your business?

I usually followed the approx 200 members when I was tired so I would not be productive anyway. My way of chillaxing. :-)

To me and this is my judgment/opinion only, its almost obvious when someone is feeding their ego to become an Ambassador.

That's ok, especially if they are being helpful to the community.

Sometimes their opinions can be pushed as fact and we should try to avoid that.

My biggest pet peeve is when a member tells another member that the MMO Make Money Online niche is TOO competitive/over saturated.

There couldn't be anything farther from the truth than that.

You have to put the work in to make it work.

So there you have it. It's not rocket science.

Best wishes on whatever you pursue!

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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roysinOnline Premium
Mel, there is great advice and wisdom in your post. And I agree one each and every point you make in the post.

I would add to it from my point of view, and maybe in the process repeat what you have written;

What you have described is what is called "attraction marketing"., which is all about:

You engage with others, help where help is needed, share your experiences and create tutorials. By following this MO people will start following you which is good for your business as an outcome. This is how you attract people to what you have to offer them. In other words; free organic traffic

As such becoming an Ambassador should not be a target by itself, it should be a means to get eyes on yourself like a brand, by helping others reach their goals.

Have a great day my friend :-) Good to see you in action again at Wealthy Affiliate :-)

MelWaller Premium
Thanks Roy for sharing and your feedback!

roysinOnline Premium
LesGreen Premium
Very good!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Chuck!

LesGreen Premium
You are welcome!

I made the gigantic and egregious mistake of writing something intended to be humorous and clever but it was met with some criticism, so I deleted my comment so as to not have someone make me look bad and it is someone who does not know me and has never ever met me.

Also I am trying to fit in and be in pristine conformance with the mighty rules for perfection and compliance. It takes some effort, but so many are so very happy and I am learning to smile. Hours of practice in front of a mirror, but looking like a flower, so far.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Mel,

Thank you for your very insightful blog post, I hear you big time I'm definitely with you in general.

I do find spending time on Wealthy Affiliate can be quite addictive and enjoyable! However, and this is kind of a difficult one when we are spending time on Wealthy Affiliate, we are not populating our own website.

In my experience, to stay at Ambassador level takes around two hours per day, seven days a week. Which in turn equals approximately seven blog posts on our website.

Yes, it's great to spend time on Wealthy Affiliate, it's a great platform, but need to take care to get our priorities right! It's also great to connect with other like-minded members.

Three blog posts per day on Wealthy Affiliate is a terrific amount of posts, Mel! However, I have to say that I enjoy your posts.

I do exactly the same Mel, regarding following people, when my body fails to function anymore, I follow a few more members, maybe not 200 though!

I also believe that some successful members are genuinely using Ambassadorship to magnify their brand, which is a great and a smart move. If time allowed, I would probably look into doing this more. However, genuine Ambassadorship should never be used for ego purposes!

One of the fascinating things is that we have at Wealthy Affiliate is some highly successful people who don't rank very high at all. However, they have been absolutely massive action takers and followed the training all the way through and made Vegas. Of course, there are also some highly successful Ambassadors

Wishing you all the best.

MelWaller Premium
Thanks for sharing Roy!

Yes, everyone has different priorities. Some may have no time to contribute on WA and some may have a lot of time. It depends on their goals. Are they at a comfortable income level now? Etc.

OCH3943 Premium
Hi Mel, I am amazed at the amount of work you can do in 2 hours. Following 200 members a day. Suppose I take just 1 min to decide whether to follow a member, that is 200 mins = 3hrs 20 min? If I cut to 30 secs to decide, that becomes 1 hr 40 mins. If I take 10 secs to decide, that will be around 33 mins. So I don't know how you can spend the remainder of that 2 hours doing the rest of the other things above.

It could be my mindset that is preventing me from being even more efficient. How can we do so much in 2 hours? Looking forward to learning more from you. :)
miloncashgal Premium
He does come off as very productive, and he started Youtubing bout 6 months ago too. Have you seen it? I need too myself. Hey Mel, how i get your YouTube channel?
OCH3943 Premium
No doubt about it. I just couldn't figure out the maths. I think it will help me to be more efficient too. Time is our most valuable resource.
MelWaller Premium

It's all about systems. 200 followers can take me about 3 to 5 minutes. How? Go to Carson's or Kyle's profile page. Click on view their network and you have thousands of followers to click on, one after the other, more than one a second. :-)

nice one Mel
i can add to it
A wonderful post Mel .anyone can become an ambassador its all about how much time one have to participate in the community
for me
i dont have much time , because i work a 60 hr week , but everyone can see i always play a role in the community
one day in the near future i will have enough time to offer more help withing the community
nice one Mel
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Hentley!

Yes, your contributions are appreciated!

Yes, your work comes first. Keep moving forward.

Nice one mel