If Days Were Years

Last Update: Jun 19, 2022

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Aloha Everyone!

If Days were Years, I would be 23,650 years old today.

Sometimes it can sure feel like that. ;-)

Sometimes a day can feel like a lifetime and I'm happy that I have had a lifetime of experiences thus far and hope for more to come especially with Melissa Jeane and Wen.

Sometimes I have goals for the year, but lately I'm just taking each day as it comes like Jeff Brown usually does.

If the day can be a good day, then mission accomplished and much of that is our mindset.

We choose how to interpret what happens around us in our life and in our businesses.

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

Recent Comments


I still act like I'm 20 something. And then the pain catches up.
Day off today, just wanted to sit, read a novel and enjoy the day, so I did.
Yes, each day has its own importance Mel, treat each one with respect, because you won't get a second chance at today.
And Jeff, just how is he so philosophical about life - respect.
Hope you are all well and putting your island back together.

Thanks for sharing Bux! :-)


I certainly feel like 25,000 years old at times Mel!! Especially with this heat!

I ditched long term goals a while back and prefer to live day by day right now, after all, we never know which day could be our last my friend! :-))

So true Nick, so very true.
My Dad dropped down dead, just like that. No warning, no long illness, just half way through a conversation, he went.
Enjoy what you have mate, Bux

Great to hear from you again Bux, but I am so sorry to hear the circumstances of how your Father left us..

We never truly know what day will our last..

I was actually in Glastonbury a few weeks back, but had no time to stop unfortunately...

Take care buddy and talk soon ok...

Long-range goals are great. But, they can cause the loss of today as we focus on the future. I really like the philosophy you offer in this artcle.

Thanks Jim!


You're welcome.

Very good plan!
Let's follow Jeff!

I agree Vasile, he's our role model.

Thanks Vasile!


Sounds like a sound plan, Mel! Thanks for the shout-out! Enjoy each new day with your family that you can, my friend! I am so glad you have them around you!

Happy Father's Day!


Thank you most kindly Jeff!


You're very welcome, Mel!


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