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Last Update: Apr 18, 2020

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I hope the title is not deceptive. I joined WA in March 2019 and I was fortunate that same month WA became essentially free for me.


Through word of mouth, I signed up my first Premium referral who is still with WA today and I moved all my hosting of my previous websites to WA which was a considerable savings each month.

Do you know with just 3 premium referrals your membership is essentially paid for and you can stop worrying about how you are going to pay for your WA membership. It's a load off of my mind.

You don't even need to wait to build your website!

Share your story in person with anyone you know. My referral did some followup checking that convinced him to give it a try. The rest is history.

Then it's a matter of sending your affiliate link. I think with him I sent it via FB messenger.

If you click on the $ sign at top of page, then click on Links and tracking and you can get your own affiliate link to send them so they can follow that right here to WA so you get credited with that referral. Easy Peasy.

Does that make it easier?

I hope so. I really do.

To Your Success!

Mel Waller

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Mel, this is a great idea because by simply sharing the value of Wealthy Affiliate. By sharing your link and reaching out to those who are looking for this opportunity is by itself being an affiliate. If one is able to share other products, then the wealthy affiliate is another product that we should share with all pride.

Thank you for sharing this awesome simple wisdom. By sharing the wealthy affiliate is paying it forward and Wealthy Affiliate is an internet service like any other online or offline product.

Welcome Moeng

You are most welcome Welcome! I think that has to be the first time to use "welcome" twice in the same sentence. :-)


You are lucky, Mel :) I mean, we all would like to help the people around us and try to offer them what we think it's best and we truly believe that. But oftentimes they just don't listen (my experience).
It's nice your friend did listen and became your first referral.

Lenka, I agree more won't listen for whatever reason. Maybe its just not the right time in their life. Who knows.

Thanks for sharing!


I wondered how to do that! I sent a friend an invite to Jay's class, and it asks for my email, and hers, but did not know where to find my link. She has my phone number, I don't have hers, and can't call her to see how's she's doing, but could NOW send a link via email WHOOPEE!
I asked a couple of people but their explanations were not too good.
I copied your paragraph with one little change, Mel:

"Share your story in person with anyone you know. My referral did some followup checking that convinced him to give it a try. The rest is" his story.
Thank you!

Thanks for sharing Suzay!

Did you find where your affiliate link is?


I'm so excited about thi$.
We get to WA, all the posts I've seen, few are about features that we see every day and how they work. And wonder what the heck they are? How does that work?
Like PM, Private Messages. Now, where's a tutorial on that thing?
How the heck do you open it once you get it? Is stuff supposed to be intuitive? Oh, I hate that!!
Oh anyone can bake a cake, just throw any kind of stuff at it , in any kind of order, till it works, ugh!
Intuitive is another word for trial and error.
Anyways Mel, if I have trouble LINKING with the link for realz when I need it, I'm glad you will help me!

Thanks for your feedback Suzay!

You can always ask questions up on top of WA window and it will bring up related blogs and training to help you learn as well.


Thank you for this. I'll give it a try!

God bless!


You are most welcome Ferra!


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