25 Months And A Major Course Correction

Last Update: April 18, 2021

Hello Friends!

It's interesting how fast things can change in one's life.

A couple of very recent events occurred, one of which is still unfolding over the next few months and my business plan has been completely transformed.

I will pass on talking about the unfolding situation at this time as I don't want to build up my expectations any more than they are right now.

With that said, I was listening to Andy Williams singing and I became very emotional and brought to tears.

I was thinking about everyone that has passed away in my life... family, friends, acquaintances, famous people... all gone and although I may have more years to come, it's clear there are more years behind me than are ahead of me.

Related to the unfolding situation which I don't want to comment on, but I have a solid sense that financially, my wife and daughter will be taken care of so that eliminates a lot of stress and changes my focus regarding my work.

I've heard the question before about what would I do if I didn't need to work?

For me also, Legacy is very important.

I want to leave a Legacy behind me that goes on long after I am gone and that was one of many reasons why I got involved with publishing books/ebooks.

I believe the time is right to put down to writing everything I have wanted to say and now I have 100% of my work time to dedicate to that end.

I'm excited about this.

I'm thankful to finally have the time to dedicate solely to this endeavor.

At least for now, my online footprint will become less. I already deleted my Pinterest account.

My Youtube channel will remain, but it will be more educational in nature and I am not worried about monetization so I do not feel compelled to maintain some artifical schedule.

It will be interesting to me to see where this might all lead to.

My first Book Project that was started some time ago, is a book on Visayan/English Phrases co-authored with my wife. It will be nice to see her become an author.

Of course, experiences from my own Life Story will be part of many books that I do.

I will remain with WA, but may not be very active at all. I apologize for that.

Wishing you all the very best that Life has to offer!

To Our Success!

Mel Waller

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webcash2us Premium
Wow, I think most people have feelings like yours as we get older and face our own mortality. Sometimes I wonder how I'm still here with the shananagens I got into in my youth.

Like you, though I have given the subject a great deal of thought after having lost friends and family myself. There are times I had to walk away from WA for a bit because of more concerning matters that required my attention.

The last time was for my wife's health issues that had her in the hospital for a while. It's too hard to work on here and focus when under a ton of stress.

I recently just re-joined in my efforts here with WA and while I already know I will remain on this platform, there may be times I have to walk away for a bit.

I will come back of course, but sometimes I need time for myself to get through stressful personal situations. As you said, I too have more years behind me than in front of me.

Hope to see you pop in from time to time Mel.

All the best.
MelWaller Premium
Thanks John! Yes, we have to priortize and adjust and take breaks from time to time. Best wishes.

Christorv Premium Plus
Although for me leaving a legacy has always being my goal from the start, when that time comes where you can commit time to follow that dream - you go for it with all your heart. Whether it took 25 years to get there or not, you thank the heavens, God, or whoever- that you have life and are able to get to that point.

I believe you will make it whatever happens. To Success and more 👍💪
MelWaller Premium
Thank you Chris!

wozzy Premium
Hey Mel,

Life as a way of dictating what we do and sometimes you have to go with a gut feeling.

I went through a period just after 6 month in WA where I didn't have much faith in what I was doing so I chose to take a break.

However that break ended up being 16 months which for many would probably mean not bothering to come back.

I did however come back last March but even now I have my doubts but decided to try and up my game by writing 1 review/post a day.

Good luck, in any new ventures that you undertake.

MelWaller Premium
Thanks Mick!

Yes, the path is anything, but straight. :-)

Toutsie Premium
I wish you all the best success in your future.
Have a lovely Sunday.
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Sophie! You too!

Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Mel
One of the things that is very clear at the start of our training here is that we should follow our passion. It is clear that your heart is on legacy and if that pathway causes you to make changes to your online footprint then so be it. Wishing you the very best in this new endeavour. I am sure you will pop in and still say hi at time.

MelWaller Premium
Thanks Hugh, my Island Friend!