Mailerlite and Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: January 30, 2019


So after much consideration I decided to move my new affiliate marketing website over to a new 'personal brand' domain name. There wasn't much content on it yet so moving was very straightforward.

All was going well until I tried to set up my new domain on Mailerlite.

Mailerlite decided that the very same website that was approved when it was on a domain that contained the word 'affiliate' was not fit for approval on a domain containing my name!

I queried the decision with Mailerlite support but didn't really get anywhere. They didn't seem to get the fact that this made absolutely no sense.

They don't appear to have a clear policy regarding affiliate marketing, and getting approved seems to depend on who checks your website.

Despite being initially disappointed I actually see it as a good thing. Its better for this to happen now rather than 1 year or more down the line when my autoresponder funnel is in full flow.

Instead I will sign up with a company who actually wants my business, probably either Drip or ConvertKit.

I will however keep a couple of niche sites with mailerlite as it is extremely good value for money.

So if you are in the affiliate marketing or make money online niches I would avoid Mailerlite like the plague. If you are in any other niche however, I still think they are an excellent option.

Original Blog Post:

Packed full of features and costing significantly less than most other email service providers, mailerlite has become a very attractive proposition for online business owners. That said, their terms of service in relation to affiliate marketing are a bit confusing, and some WA members report having had their account applications declined.

I thought I would give mailerlite a try for a new web project in the affiliate marketing niche but I didn't want to spend time going through the process of applying for an account only to be turned down. Before applying I got in touch with their support team to clarify their policy regarding affiliate marketing and received the following reply:

"Basically the difference is what your business is based on, and whether your affiliate links are related.

Example: you have a website that solely lives off of gathering as many subscribers as possible, no matter what target market, and you send them completely unrelated links to affiliate products. That is not allowed. An example is Clickbank. You only send them affiliate links constantly and nothing else.

Another example: you have a business around home interior designs, and you build subscriber lists based on that target market, and you send them affiliate links that are related, or at least closely related to your business of home interior designs, that is totally OK! Because your main aim is to build a business around a topic/service/product, and your affiliate links are additional gifts to your subscribers."

So, if you are building an audience in the affiliate marketing / make money online (MMO) niche and you are promoting relevant offers to your subscribers then you should be fine. If you are in the MMO niche and are thinking about giving mailerlite a try I would definitely get in touch with them before you apply. I found their support to be very helpful and quick to respond and they approved my account very quickly.

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MiaL Premium
So I contacted Mailer Lite because I thought it looked very promising, and I was clear about what I wanted to do, and they said that it wasn't allowed. I said I'd be promoting WA and they said no :(. I'm very disappointed.
Megachile Premium
Hey Melissa,

Well that is very odd but you are certainly not the only one who has been turned down. Perhaps some of their support staff are as confused about their terms of service as I was.

It does seem strange that some people are approved and others are not.
MiaL Premium
Thanks for this, I might give them a try. This is free for the first 1,000 subscribers and that will suit be just fine. I imagine it will take significant time for me to build up to this.