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Update:So after much consideration I decided to move my new affiliate marketing website over to a new 'personal brand' domain name. There wasn't much content on it yet so moving was very straightforward.All was going well until I tried to set up my new domain on Mailerlite.Mailerlite decided that the very same website that was approved when it was on a domain that contained the word 'affiliate' was not fit for approval on a domain containing my name!I queried the decision with Mailerlite suppor
When it comes to creating content, many of us will have days when we struggle with procrastination, or find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused on the task at hand. Being a bit of a perfectionist/procrastinator myself, I know how much of an obstacle this can be.My search for an effective solution to this problem has led me to test a number of strategies and techniques over the years. As I am sure many other WA members will also come up against this problem at one time or another, I tho
While browsing a news website during my lunch break I came across an article about a German celebrity chef who was serving tiny portions of haute cuisine from a miniature dolls house in a Christmas market. Jan-Philipp Cleusters has been giving out miniature meals to passers by in order to raise awareness about poverty and hunger. The tiny samples he has been handing out contain roughly the same number of calories as the daily diet of a starving child living in East Africa.It was shocking to see