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My name is Mark Arrowsmith, I am enthusiastic about this project, I am also confident that I will gain a vast amount of knowledge here. I was on a Submarine in the U. S. Navy, I was the youngest man on my boat at 17 years of age. I will be 55 years of age on August 31, 2016, I am pretty much a self taught person, never did like classrooms. To mention just a few things that I have been called, Mechanical draftsman, Electrical draftsman, Electrical Designr, SGCS/ Windows-NT Network Administrator, Lighting Engineer, and for 20+ years I have been doing  Freelance Computer Consulting and Website Design.
I have many other acquired talents through life experience, and being primarily self-educated, I am a great researcher/investigator of all things. I am 54 years of age and am perfectly healthy, never been on any medication, neurological or physical, I have no children (dependency’s), and I am not married. And no, I’m not homosexual. I am very mechanically/electrically inclined, also extremely computer savvy.


“Electrical and Mechanical Draftsman”, Final Grade: 99. 6. 

Plant Engineering Consultants
After 8 years at Plant Engineering Consultants, specializing in C. A. D. Drawings of A. C. and D. C. Drive Systems, also P. C. B. Board Layout/Design, I moved to Electrical Designer status there, I then I moved on to Bridgestone Tire in McMinnville, TN. 

Bridgestone Tire
Hired on as Electrical Designer, at Bridgestone Tire, my responsibilities consisted of the overseeing of the installation contractors wiring and component placement within tire manufacturing line control panels/enclosure. When assembly was complete, I would do P. L. C. I/O continuity checks, upload revised Ladder Logic to P. L. C. ’s. When designing the enclosure layout, I would first design Sub-Panel layouts, then when panel layout design was completed, I would then order Hoffman enclosure. I also completed a complete layout of the Bridgestone Tire Floor Plan, showing accurate machine placement within the ¾ mile long plant.

Siemens Nuclear Power Services (L. P. M. S. Division) 
As a C. A. D. Manager at Siemens Nuclear Power Services (L. P. M. S. Division), which stands for “Loose Parts Monitoring System”. Responsibilities were management, of C. A. D. Users, and upkeep of all C. A. D. Stations, C. A. D. Software MODS, Software/Hardware. Overseeing, checking all C. A. D. Drawings, and Technical Manual Creation. Also from the prototype (L. P. M. S. System), I would take dimensions at the component level, circuit boards, meters, transformers, etc.. to compile/create a C. A. D. Instructional Manual, complete w/ all specifications of the system, parts ordering list and part resources, procedural troubleshooting guides, operational procedures of the rack mounted system, testing procedures, Schematics of all circuit boards within each of the 8 rack mounted components, circuit board, transformer, etc… placement drawings within each of the components. This system has been purchased/implemented in many Nuclear Plants throughout the United States. The L. P. M. S. System price tag for this system, I believe was around 4 million dollars. All documentation and drawings/schematics were created to be “N. R. C. Compliant”.

Highlights of other technical places I have worked:

Advanced Automation – Robot Prototype Design/Implementation/Production Company 
What I did there: Network Administration, C. A. D. Troubleshooter, Windows-NT Servers, Novell Servers.

Harman-Motive – Speaker Manufacturer, for all Chrysler, B. M. W. , Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
What I did there: Network/C. A. D. /Parametric Modeling Platforms Administration, Re-Structuring of all Drawing Library’s, Directories, etc…, Maintenance/Troubleshooting/MODS/Patches/Upgrades on all Systems.
S. G. I. ORIGIN 2000 Server and 20 plus engineering S. G. I. Workstations, AIX Servers, Windows-NT Servers, C. A. D. / Parametric Solid Modeling Platforms maintained were S. G. I. , Pro-Engineer, Medusa, and a couple more, I can’t remember.

What I do now:
Since 2000, I have mainly been a Freelance Computer and Network Consultant/Troubleshooter, Website Designer, dabbled in the study/research, and implementation of Alternate Energy Sources, such as Solar, Gasification, P. M. G. ’s, Hydro-Waterwheels. I have property on the mountain, way out in the woods, and am getting prepared to move Off-Grid in a few years.

I look forward to interacting with the community here!

Thank's for your time...

Mark Arrowsmith
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How are things going today? Just wanted to pop in to see how things are going with you thus far and how your website/niche is coming along.

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Just wanted to shoot you a quick message and see how things were going thus far Mark? I am here to help if you ever need a hand with anything, just holler!

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Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
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Hi Mark and thanks for the follow back.
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Interesting Bio =)
THX Skylar, just woke up, got 5 in, crashed at 9 a.m. this morning, prior to that was up 24 hours working on my website (SoddyDaisy.CLUB), guess i do the next set of lessons now!
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