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Hi everyone, all the SAC fellow affiliates are now partway through the first month of training and do diligence and one can ask ...." Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?" Oh Yeah Baby!! Wa is definitely worth it if you do the training and do the work and focus FOCUS focus on keeping it going!! We are all in this together and we have the opportunity to work side by side, asking questions, bouncing back and forth with comments and checking our websites. We have a wonderful WA community of so many
Hi everyone, SAC Week #4 and every day is a learning day to Success!! The confidence that the WA Training is giving me and others is invaluable and i can't thank Kyle, Carson, Jay and all my Fellow Affiliates enough. There is light at the end of the tunnel with the evidence in the work we are all doing to learn and start our own online business. I am so happy to be a part of this great networking team and i am dedicated to helping others be successfull along the way as i learn and grow in th
There is so much to learn here at WA and I learn something new every day. At times it is overwhelming and sometimes i get stuck but i shake myself out of the moment and try to keep it going and I look to my Fellow Affiliates who are all learning and working hard also. There is alot of positive energy within the WA Community. Above all we must not Weaken, we must strive to be the best!! We can all help one another to be our best! It helps me when i view other fellow affiliate's web sit
I got up this morning to do my normal routine then sat down at my laptop to work on my Super Affiate Challenge, but I couldn't seem to get back into the swing of my tasks. Both my Laptop and my IPAD died last t night at 10:30pm so I decided to go to bed earlier than normal, then this morning I was having trouble finding where I left off and I couldn't get motivated and I was grumpy and agitated. Was I having a Blonde Moment?, did I need an Attitude Adjustment? Or did I need Motivation? Yi
Are you working from home full time now with your business? Even if you are working part time, working from home can be challenging. There are alot of distractions when working from home, other members of your family, tv, laundry, dinner, cleaning, etc. I started working from home a few years ago and everyone joked that i had the best job and could work in my pj's and that it would be great and easy. Let me tell you it was not easy to work at home by myself. I did go into the office on oc
I am really feeling the Love from the WA community. I am getting closer to finishing Boot Camp Training, i do know that this training is not ending, this is just the beginning. I am learning new skills every day. I am really enjoying this and I want to pass it on!!Cheers!
My first Blog to our WA Community... First I want to say that I am really impressed with WA and the community. I really want to comment to any newbies on staying positive through training and learning. It can be difficult to learn new skills and have them soak into your brain, believe me I know...There is alot of information within WA to digest. I am learning so many new skills and I cant believe that I am actually blogging and working on social media, and coming out of my techie shell ha-