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November 09, 2018
Hey just a quick post to say that my new site has now been indexed on Google ... woop woop ! Sometimes the smallest things need celebrating... Does this mean I will get a flood of hungry visitors with credit card in hand wanting to buy my products and services ... Urgh No ! But it's another step towards just that ! I still have a lot of work to do to get first rankings but for now I celebrate ... :)Celebrating the smallest thing can help you keep motivated and shows that you are moving forward.
Wow ! It's been a packed first week.... First lesson on the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Complete, First Lesson on Affiliate Bootcamp Complete... New website up with about me, WA review and building a website for free posts written. Keyword research done and ready for more posts. Tidied up some posts on my main website and started to drive some traffic to the site via Twitter Look very colorful... More promoting this week and looking to get first referrals in Sunday tomorrow so som
October 29, 2018
I have decided to use the blog here to share my journey within Wealthy Affiliate yes both the highs and the lows... although highs are the aim here right ! My first impressions of the site has been really positive. A warm welcome was recieved by other members... always a good sign of a supportive community. I have started through the training lessons which are clear concise, and great for both newbies and experienced members. I have a slight dilema with my niche and I feel a question maybe need