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March 22, 2019
Over the last few months I have been working hard on my new business and feel I have already made loads of new friends here on WA. All of which have helped me in numerous ways. For that I am grateful.. Thanks But all work and no play is not good for anyone so this week I am away with the family. Looking forward to still working on my business ...who wouldn't when my view is this for the next 7 days. (See cover image) For this I am grateful Being grateful is a great way to improve your health an
Don't you just love WA... I do!Not only is it an amazing community, but it even gives back. I joined WA for a few reasons, firstly I love to learn and grow as a person but I also love to help others do the same. Yes there is always a bi-product of this and with me as most members here it's to build a massive online business and give yourself the freedom you want. I had been an active member sonce joining in October, but couldn't wait to be able to add training, as this would do two things. Help
After rankings of 206, 202 and 204 I have finally reached the top 200.Now this is a team effort in my book.... So a massive thank you for the help and guidance to everyone in WANow to maintain it ... :)Watch out for another training being posted later today and thanks again for all your support. Thanks Everyone
Hey... had a few rough days this last week as had a small operation, but on a plus I have been able to do more work on my WA business Yeah! I have started to add in some training which of course helps everyone out but also remember when ever you do a blog post or training inside WA you can of course promote it worldwide through the web... I not only shared my trainings here I shared on my Twitter account and today I have had 3 starter referrals come into WA. So I think even more training will
So I am now three months into my premium membership journey within this time I have created 27 new blog posts and 5 new videos... not as many as I had hoped but all in all pretty chuffed with myself as focusing on one project has always been my downfallI have had 13 referrals sign up so far which is okay but not great.Oh I have created two websites for clients two these profects are ongoing. I have been helping as many peole as possible in WA and climbed to the rank of 277 currently.Anyway afte
Hi All, I just wanted to do a short post about life distractions. Let's face it sometimes life just gets in the way of what we had planed. I have known this only too well since being a carer for my wife. Smetimes there are things just more important. Over the last few years I have learned to manage my frustrations when this happens. I thought I would share how I cope and how I refuse to let it bother me now, but that wasn't always the case. I now do a list of things I need to do, either before
Just a quick update on my WA journey ... Started back in late October and have been creating content working through the training learn loads and implementing most so far. Traffic is not that good yet on my site ... issues with Google and Bing webmaster (think I have sorted though) It's only now that I am sarting to see some results starting to filter in ... 3 Referrals in 2 Days in Wealthy Affiliate .... Yeah ! 10 in total now $33 Earnt ... I know,nothing that brilliant but I have made nothin
January 03, 2019
7 Top Blog Niches For Gaining Traffic And Making MoneyHaving been around the Wealthy Affiliate community a couple of months now, one question that keeps popping up is about which niche people should and could be using to make money. So thought I would see if I could give these people a helping hand by running through the top blog niches that will generate you good traffic and earnings. Now that's not to say other niches will not do the same this is just the top 7. What is a niche ?So what is a
December 20, 2018
Just a quick post to share a milestone on my You Tube channel ... yesterday I hit 40,000 views ! Now I know that some people get more than that on just one video, but I like to celebrate any small win. I don't really promote my videos that much but direct people to them when they are after an answer to something. But that, said a few videos have been ranked highly for long tail keywords and are getting views everyday. Plus I am getting traffic too ..Yeah!So if you are thinking of using Youtube
Its been a couple of weeks since setting up GA, so I thought I would check my Google Analytics and see if I now have some stats. Well all I can say is WOW! Now don't get me wrong I am not breaking any records here but what I was surprised about was my organic traffic. Being in a highly competitive niche I thought this would take a bit longer to start to flow but according to Google I am getting daily traffic from Bing ... Whaaa Hoo ! I am sure that all your comments on my posts have helped this