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Just a quick update and a new goal I have set myself. A few weeks ago I posted that I had a huge spike in my traffic. But that seems to have nearly died to nothing I am still ranking in the top 3 on Google and Bing but the traffic has gone :(This just hits home that search engine traffic although great can not be relied upon. You need to keep generating new content all the time. And also look for new ways to generate traffic too. YouTube is one that I am going to looking at more closely over th
A few days ago I posted that I had reached 50 blog posts... this in itself was a big achievement, So today I thought I would check on Jaaxy and see whether any of my posts had been ranked yet on Google Bing and Yahoo. Bear in mind I only checked for the keyword phrase that the post was written about. I just wanted to share my results only as proof that WA works.Yahoo came top with 18 out of 50 posts ranking on the first page. Bing was second with 10 out of 50 rankings including 4 No1 :Positions
Just a quick post to celebrate reaching 50 posts on my new blog which I started WA back in November 2018... More importantly over 53,000 words. If you had said to me back then write 50 articles and 53,000 words in the next 6 months I would have probably laughed at you. Writing has never been my strong point heck, I even failed English... TWICE ! But with practice I am getting better at it and even dare I say starting to enjoy writing more. So if you are currently, starting out or srtuggling to
My First Podcast AppearanceNow I have to say upfront I am only a guest on this podcast. But that said I have never ventured into this avenue before so hence i am excited and nervous at the same time. It will be a great experience should I wish to do more in the future. and maybe create my own... who knows :)The podcast is actually my sons and its all about depression, he has this and as part of helping him cope with it he started a podcast. Tonights eposide is all about families and dealing wit
Well, what a 6 months it has been. Firstly, I am so grateful that I found WA way back in November. I would never have meet all you lovely people all aiming for similar goals as me. There have certainly been ups and downs (mostly ups) but hey that's business and life right!Although I had a website up and running I wanted to show people that if you follow the training and implement it then you can succeed. So I started a brand new site in the affiliate marketing for newbies niche (maybe not the e
April 27, 2019
Now there;s a saying from the late great Jim Rohn that goes something like..."Help Enough People Get What They Want And You Will Get What You Want"This is just sooooo Affiliate Marketing. Recommend something that someone wants and get what you want. Anyway I have been associated around the making money online niche for some years now but only joined WA back in October 2018. Since then I have been learning loads and implementing what I have learned. What I have also been trying to do is help ot
So I have finally created my first free gift on my Newbie Affiliate site ... Its a PDF and Checklist Now I am NOT asking for people to sign up to my list, but what I would like is some feedback on the quality of the gift. The product is a result of a blog post I did and a subsequent video training here on WAHere is the training - (10 Obsure Places to place your blog links in Facebook) am also working on my
Time for another mini celebration as I have just passed 50 referrals into WA. Since gaining some high Google rankings this last 3 weeks things have begun to motor. Tine of course will tell if any of these recent members will upgrade but just the fact that my system I have implemented does work.All I did was follow the training to the letter so for anyone just starting out this should give you a massive push to keep going. Time to head off and celebrate in sunshine here in the UK Enjoy your week
This is some Monday motivation for you.... Enjoy and be inspired to drive your business forward this week. If you caught my blog here 9 days ago where I spoke about getting my first page one ranking this post shows you what can be achieved with little effort. Well some effort :)For those that didnt read last weeks blog you can catch it here's amazing how just getting one post onto the first page in the search engines,
Ok so I started my site a few months ago ... went through the training, implemented it. And waited :)I produced more content, blogs and reviews, and waited for traffic to start arriving.I did get a few clicks from search but not many... And then something happened.I had a spike in traffic on investigating further I realised that I must have had a post rank higher. It was a review I had written just 4 days previous, and was now sitting on page one position 5 Thats mine at the bottom on the image