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Hi i´m from Mexico, i don't speak English very well but i want to learn here and meet nice people. I hope you help me in this site to move to my goals. I'm a simple person, i love cats and i'm 23 years old. Let's be friends! =)
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Ibhar Premium
hi, nice to meet you!
Ibhar Premium
Hello Monica!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, my name is Ibhar and I am here to help you.

You probably came here from my site Ganadinerodesdetusofa and I am very glad to see you have signed up and you are ready to learn and get started building your online business.

>>IMPORTANTE: even all my content in my site is in Spanish there is one thing you need to know; Wealthy Affiliate community, help and training is English only.
You can create your sites in whatever language you want, but all the help, training, dialogue, tools, live classes, etc are in English here at WA. so, if you want to ask something, describe yourself, get involve, share or comment please do it in English<<

To begin, take a look to the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1). It is a Step By Step Course that will help you to put you into action and start building your foundations online. You can identify it as GREEN BUTTON "CERTIFICATION" under Activity Dashboard.

This is the direct link: Congrats and remember, don't forget to ask anything you need to ask, Wealthy affiliate is a platform full of knowledge that you are not going to find in other places, so, take advantaje from it and learn all you can.

Lot of success!