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July 11, 2010
We have had a lot of baby robins in our garden lately and managed to get this clip of 2 baby robins harassing their mother for food.
I have now changed the theme on my partner Richard's photography website I made the header myself with xheader I think the photos look better now.  I have also found some watermarking software and am re-watermarking the photos, but have only done a few so far. Gradually tweaking and trying to improve it all the time.  Plus hopefully we will have some new photos to add soon.  
I have been busy making my partner a photography website. We both love photography and I have been promising him I would make him a website for his photos for ages.  I made him a wordpress website and it took a while to find a suitable theme and find out how to upload the photos and get it working properly.  I tried to find a plugin to watermark the photos, but the only plugin I found didnt work with our theme, so we have used Picasso for the watermarking - not perfect but it will do f
September 22, 2009
I have been busy adding buddies today.  Hmm this is great.  Thank you everyone who has added me - I love you all!
July 06, 2009
Take a short 5 minute break from IMTake a deep breath, relax and remember we are all part of humanity
June 18, 2009
Ok today I am being serious.  I have been doing One Week Marketing for a while now and my first campaign seemed to be doing nothing (i.e getting decent views but no sales) and just as I thought it was a write off - I made a sale!OWM has really helped me to focus.  I have also been writing more articles (usually difficult for me) and it is true the more you write the easier it gets.I have a new website too and am in the process of making some videos for newbies - Baby Steps for Affiliat
June 15, 2009
Just a quick update in case anyone is worrying about my computer still being sick - well I got it back safely and all shining new after about 10 days.I'm sorry I took so long to update on the situation - I know some of my readers have been worrying, but I have been really busy lately, writing and squidooing - anyway I apologise for any heartache caused.And of course I am now taking my computer for granted again.LOL
April 29, 2009
My computer has been unwell and has gone away to get better.  It is probably due to all the hard work and pressure it has been under since I have been doing internet marketing.  It needs a rest and therapy for about 10 days.  Poor computer - get well soon - I really miss you!p.s. I have limited access to my partner's computer.  I know I'm lucky for that but it's not the same and everything is taking me twice as long.
March 18, 2009
My Pet Cat Squidoo is doing well - Now at 172 in Animals and 4569 overall!
February 08, 2009
Take a short break from IM and watch the Ripple EffectDrop a pebble in a still pondand watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring The Ripple Effect is rooted in the belief that all we are all connected by ourshared Humanity.